Father’s Day #LittleWonders

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With Father’s Day coming up I can’t help but look at my sweet husband and admire the wonderful daddy he is! My husband is constantly on the go! He is the hardest worker but when it comes to our family, especially our little ones everything is thrown out the window and he’s simply “daddy”. With as busy as he is whenever he is with the kids he puts everything aside and gives them 110% of his attention & love.

We just took a great family trip to Yellowstone and had a lot of time driving to laugh & reflect on our journey together. We were talking about the kids and my husband asked, “When we were dating did you ever think about us have these 2 little kids?” I giggled and said, “no”. After, I then asked him the same question. He said, “No, but now it seems so right, so normal, like this is exactly how it supposed to be.” Of course, my heart grew 10x!

Over the years I have watched my husband transform into the sweetest father! Mason will literally wait by the window around the time he comes home just so daddy with play “choo-choos” with him. He often insists on helping me in the middle of the night with the baby just because he likes extra cuddles with her. These are the #LittleWonders that leave me in awe of the man he is. He always talks about how the kids are dependent on us for everything and how he has the obligation of doing our very best and every single thing we can for them!

As much as I want the babies to stay little. I watch my husband love the fact that he can teach Mason how to play golf, introduce him to the best family movies, reading books together at bedtime, having him help wash the cars, and their favorite thing to do together, workout.

All in all, we couldn’t be blessed with a better daddy in our lives. It’s amazing to see how parenting has transformed Trevor and my love for him grows every day watching him with our see children.

So Happy Father’s Day to the man of my dreams & thank you for the amazing father you are!

Johnson’s® has the sweetest video that always leaves me teary-eyed! It is a must see!


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  1. Anna wrote:

    This is absolutely precious! What a great day to recognize him this father’s day! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

    Posted 5.31.16 Reply