Back to School Deals



I was searching online last night for a couple of basic pieces for the kids and found a great sale at H&M and the cutest pieces at some other places! I just added a bunch of them below knowing we all have different kids at different ages. But, they have great basics on sale 25% off that are so good to stock up on!



Although my little Mason is only 4 he has a big say in what he wants to wear (which I think is so cute). So I always take him shopping for back to school and let him get some of his favorites¬†but I also go online later at night and grab a couple basic more practical items that he will need and add them to his closet so it’s not a fight at the store. He ends up loving everything! Also, I’m going to be doing a fun fall post this weekend for sweaters and yummy fall things! I’m so ready + ready for a steady schedule for the babes!






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