Béaba Babycook

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Béaba Babycook

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you guys today! I have gotten so many questions about it with all my Snaps/Instastories so hopefully I can answer them all in this post. I have been using the Béaba Babycook for some time now and fall more and more in love! It is one of those products that just gets better each time you use it! I want to start by explaining myself a little bit. I am a super busy momma (aren’t we all) thinking of adding one more thing on top of everything else I juggle is exhausting BUT I’m in the kitchen ALL the time! I honestly think I spend a majority of my life in there (my that an exaggeration). I’m constantly cooking, baking, or getting something prepared so peeling some apples, dicing up some carrots, and putting them into the Béaba Babycook is so easy! On top of that, to think that Monroe will have fresh food and I know everything that is in it, gives me peace of mind! My baby girl loves to eat so I have been putting this things to good use. I’m excited to share you guys some recipes I have made and also the Béaba cookbook has is amazing and is great to spark some ideas! It is honestly so easy to use!

Simple Steps

I simply wash, peel, and dice food

Fill the measuring cup with the appropriate amount of water to put into the steam system

Pop the food into the steam basket

Push the steam button

Once it’s finished steaming blend – DONE!

Below is a look of how I did pears.

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I feel feeding your baby is so personally & somewhat a touchy subject to some. Wether you breastfeed or formula feed. Wether you start solids at 4 months or wait until 6 months. Everyone has their rhythm and reason about what they do. So, I’m just going to share with you guys what I do but please personalize everything to you and your baby! I breastfeed my babies and start them on solids at 4 months. They always start to get a little more hungry around that mark and need a little more. I start with oatmeal, apples, bananas, and squash. Around 5 – 6 months I work my way up and past 6 start to add a little protein such as chicken. I love how you can choose the consistency with the Béaba Babycook! I will often times add the allotted amount of water needed for what I’m steaming and once it’s finished add a little more water in the blending bowl if I want it to be a little more runny. I have also done bananas + oatmeal + breastmilk which I will list the recipe for below.



How much time does it take? 

Like I said above, I’m in the kitchen a ton anyway so me taking the time to peel/dice a couple apples, slice a few bananas, peel a sweet potatoes, or whatever else I might make for Monroe is easily done at the same time I’m making dinner. It takes me about 3 minutes to prepare the produce (wash, peel, chop) and then it steams for about 15-20 minutes. In the 15-20 minutes it takes to steam I’m obviously doing a billion other things. Then once it is finished you simply blend it. I would say it takes 25 minutes tops! But 20 minutes of that you would be free to do something else. MULTITASKING people!

How do you prepare everything? 

I prepare it like I normally would for dinner or something but I do dice it up a little smaller and in even pieces to cook evenly. Always wash throughly before and chop. I peel the apples and sweet potatoes. As for everything else I leave the peels on (i.e. pears, zucchini).

How long does the food last? 

I give it a good 3 days until I dump it. To be honest though she usually eats everything I make within 3 days so not much food goes to waste. That again is another positive you can gage how much food you want to make. I personally like to make a few things every 2-3 days for a couple reasons. One, I want it to be fresh and two, I don’t want her to have to eat the same thing for 5+ days. We all love to eat and who doesn’t want their menu switched up. I try to get the freshest fruit/veggies I can find but honestly I shop at Costco/Sam’s a lot so I just use whatever we have from the produce I grabbed there. You can also freeze the food! I haven’t done this yet because she just eats everything I make but I’m going to start soon and doing larger batches.

Buying food verses Making food?

I am all for buying baby food but I have just loved making it and it’s been easy for me! Do whatever is easiest for you and both are great! There are obviously times when we are on vacation and I will run to the store to buy a couple pre-made items. I do love how I know exactly what is in the food that I make with the Béaba Babycook, that it is fresh and tastes delicious! I will say, it is much better tasting than any pre-made items.

What is clean up like?

Cleaning up is so easy. I simply wash the steam basket and the blending bowl then wipe down the machine. I store it in our kitchen cabinets and just grab it whenever I please. Easy, peasy. No crazy parts to clean.



They have wonderful recipes in the Babycook Cookbook. I have taken a couple and tweaked them to make them my own and a littler more personalized to Roe’s favorites. She loves pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

Oatmeal + Bananas + Breastmilk

Directions: Steam the Bananas (quantity 1), blend with extra breastmilk (note: DO NOT put milk in the steam system, only the blending bowl), add oatmeal until you reach the consistency you are looking for. It’s great for breakfast because it filling or great for a dinner bit to ensure that baby is nice and full!

Cinnamon Apples

Directions: Wash, peel, and dice apple into likewise cubes (quantity 2 apples), steam, blend, and add a small pinch of cinnamon. Monroe loves this one! The apples are sweet and the touch of cinnamon adds an extra little something she loves. Great to mix with oatmeal too!

Bananas + Pears

Directions: Wash, dice pear (quantity 1), peel and diced banana (quantity 1), steam, and blend. I love this combo because Monroe really likes bananas but she gets constipated easily so I add the pear with the skin on which are a great source of fiber!

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Overall, I absolutely love this product! I have lined everything up that is seen in my pictures! I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have! This has for sure made my baby registry list and one of my top baby items! Not to mention it makes for the perfect gift!


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