Hey loves! I get many questions about my skin & how I take care of it. Now, I do not by any means have perfect skin. I have zits, discoloration, and little wrinkles. But I do try my best to keep up on my skin and make it a priority. Once in a blue moon I will fall asleep with out washing my make up off and boy do I regret it! The next day my skin looks worn & dried out. Lately I have been trying a new product from Beauteque, an online skin boutique. I have been using the Lioele Oxygen Line. I really like it because it’s light, doesn’t clog my pores, and give great moister! They are doing a great deal right now for the Oxygen Pore Cream, the Oxygen Pore Lotion, and the Oxygen Pore Skin all for $49.99! They smell so fresh and feel so refreshing on your skin. Let me know your skin suggestions or questions. I will be doing more posts in the near future on skincare, beauty, and hair! I’m super excited about it! Stay tuned!

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