One of the reasons I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale the most is because that’s when I stock up on all my favorite beauty products for the year. Sounds crazy? It kinda is, but I swear to you guys if you love a product and it’s on sale NOW is the time to grab it. I cannot tell you how many times I passed something up on this sale simply because I still had a little of something left (cough, cough – my Donna Karen Deodorant) and then had to buy it full price a month later and was kicking myself because I could have gotten a way better deal. I’m only linking my tired + true products that I have already shared with you guys throughout the year and now is that time to buy. Things like the Philosophy Face Wash (mine has lasted 2 years so I’m buying a new one this year), my Foreo which I love, and my all time favorite perfume Flower Bomb as well as so many other picks. If you guys have questions about any products please dm me on Instagram I will get to it asap. Also, this is a great time to stock up on gifts!