Black #2


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So we are onto day 2 with the same “base” but different look! As I said before in the post I love wearing a good basic outfit and changing it up with different pieces. Do you guys ever get stuck in that rut where you insist on wearing the same jeans or same white shirt every single day? Yeah, me either – NOT. I literally get a new pair of jeans or a new blouse and you would think it’s the only thing I own. I wear them over and over and over. Then I run into the same peeps over and over and over. So I have forced myself to make the outfit look different and that’s where this segment comes into play.
This No.2 look is still SUPER easy but a little more feminine. I slapped a braid on my head topped it off with a hat, changed into little booties, switched my purse, and last but not least added a flowy top (sale) on top of my black v-neck (for you freezing peeps like me you know why layering is essential). Last but not least I added a little more color to these lips of mine.
A little bit about these leggings that are my Holy Grail! They are THE best and hold my junk in the truck in! I love the way they fit and that I can wear them without being worried if they are see-thru! They are thick and great quality but perfect for summer too! I hope you guys love this look and feel inspired to switch up your own favorite outfit!


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