Black Lace Bodysuit

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I’ve been all about bodysuits and crushed velvet lately. Although this bodysuit is lace it will still make the cut! I love how romantic it is! I thought about pairing it with a skirt for this shoot but thought that would be too easy. So I wanted to pair it with something I would wear every day but not null the romance of it. So, naturally I paired it with boyfriend jeans. There is something sexy and obviously comfortable about boyfriend jeans! I LOVE this pair and have had them for awhile now. I feel like I can pair them with a cute pair of heals and call it a day. I never wear flats with my BF jeans. I have shorted legs so it would not be flattering on me. So, tip to the wise – if you have shorter legs, were heels with your bf jeans. If you have longer legs, God bless.

I hope you guys had a great weekend! I know we did & it was a good “recharge”. I have some fun things this week! XOXO


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