Blazer in the city

I’ve posted about this blazer a few times now and it is for sure has made its way as a staple piece in my closet. I love being able to dress up my “momiform” which is a t-shirt and jeans. This blazer is super lightweight and adds enough oomph to any outfit! On the real though, it has taken me FOREVER to get my house back in order since fashion week! How is it possible for laundry to double overnight? It is a never-ending cycle! We’re gearing up over here for Halloween and my kids already have worn out their costumes, lol! I want to talk a little bit about some Monday motivation! What gets you excited for the week ahead and keeps you motivated?! I’d love to hear more from you guys on ways to keep your energy up and stay positive when there is SO MUCH to get done!

As I was scrolling through Pinterest a few nights ago, I found this quote that said: “either you run your day, or your day runs you”. That really stuck with me! As a mom, there are 50 million things to get done in a day and you can easily feel defeated if you haven’t gotten everything done. For me, what keeps me motivated throughout the week is knowing that hard work pays off and during the weekends, I get to spend time with my family!


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