Dark Blue

Casual Dress & Leather Jacket
Casual Dress & Leather Jacket  Casual Dress & Leather Jacket  
Casual Dress & Leather Jacket
Casual Dress & Leather Jacket
Dress: Leith (blue sold out Black – here) Leather Jacket: Neiman Marcus (sold out) Purse: Kate Spade | Boots: Delman | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Lipstick: Bite (pepper)

Friends! I’m BACK! I have so much to share with you but let’s cut to the chase – I have been so MIA because my blog got HACKED!!! Hacked? YES – HACKED! It makes me so angry I can’t even explain to you. But I’m here now & that’s all that matters. But wait have you seen the name change? www.BrittanyMaddux.com Yes. That would be the new name to blog. I have had everything restored and I’m back in business. Thank goodness! I love this little internet space of mine. It’s like my home away from home only without the cozy blanket, the warm cup of coco, and a good book in my hand but nonetheless it is my little internet “space” if you will and I’m glad to be occupying it again. 

So this outfit is one of my FAVORITES! I have been living in this leather jacket from the day I got it. I don’t think I even take it off when I go to bed – ok, maybe I take it off for bed but I can’t bear to let it go to the dry cleaners (even tho it might ok, really needs to). Don’t judge me. I know you guys have a piece in your closet you are just as attached to 😉 Today I paired it with a simple jersey dress and a fun pair of knee socks with a pair of grey knee boots! Easy Peasy!

I’m so happy to be back & have so much in store for this year in this little cyber ‘space’ I call my blog. 

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