Easter baskets for the kids!


Easter Baskets For The Kids

Easter is right around the corner and I don’t know about you but I LOVE to put together a fun Easter basket for my kids. Now, I’m not talking about going all out, some plastic eggs and a few chocolates will do! Easter egg hunts are also a family tradition. I don’t know what it is about those little plastic eggs, but my kids go wild when we let them run around the house and backyard trying to fun the “golden egg”. That usually consists of a few dollar bills and some candy. AKA, a kids dream!

Easter time is always such a fun time in our home. Monroe and Trevor’s birthdays are in April and Mckay’s was the end of March so there is a ton of excitement going on all at the same time. Since having Mckay, I’ve been trying to balance giving my time to all my babies and making them feel special. This doesn’t mean giving them tons of gifts all the time, this means giving them the time and attention they need. I like to show my love with service, doing things for my family is my way of showing I care. Especially around the holidays, I like to decorate, and make it special for my kids so that they have fond memories when they’re older.

Springtime is always a refreshing time of year! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming and you can spend more time outside, my kind of season. I love all the bright and fun colors that come out to play around this time of year too! My kids always love when I put chalk in their Easter baskets. Since the weather is warming up, they love to spend time outside and chalk is perfect for them to play with right outside our door. Also, throw in a bag of some yummy candy because why not! You can sneak a few handfuls for yourself. Happy Easter! XOXO


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