Easy holiday look

Easy Holiday Look

Does anyone else feel like the holidays are fast approaching and you are totally not prepared?! Or could it just be me? I look forward to this time of year and then somehow it goes by the fastest. I am slowing things down and talking to you guys about some adorable holiday looks I have in the works! Now, I know it can be bit stressful thinking what you are going to wear to a holiday party when you have a million other things going on. Don’t panic! It is much easier to put holiday outfits together then you are probably assuming. One of the basics is always a beautiful berry lip! That’s right! You can spice up almost any outfit you have in your closet with a dark lip.

With the holiday sprites and events just beginning, I wanted to start off with a look that was very simple! This teal pencil skirt is not only super comfortable but how beautiful and rich is the color?! What I love about wearing a pop of color is that everything else in your outfit can be totally muted. I paired this skirt with a basic black turtle neck with a little ruffle detail! I also cannot get enough of my favorite booties (that are sold out) but I linked some super similar ones that are cheaper too! Here & here. They add just enough character to any outfit and are super comfortable. I am always reaching for booties during this time of year because I want to keep my feet warm people!

When it comes to creating a look for your next holiday event, keep it simple and add a POP! Also, if you’re going to go out and buy some new pieces for the holidays, make sure to find some that you can also wear throughout the year! (Besides the Christmas sweaters lol!). I hope you enjoyed this look! This is just the start of some gorgeous looks. I’ll definitely have some more casual and glam outfits to share! XO

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