Family of Five!

It’s been a couple weeks now but it is still surreal to say family of FIVE but I love it! Our little family feels even more complete and like little McKay has alway been here! The kids are over the moon with him and never want to put them down. It’s so fun to hear them talk to him, tell him about themselves, read him stories, and simply enjoy the his little cuddles. I  love the newborn stage and always soak up every second. Little Mac has been a trooper too when it comes to keeping up with brother + sisters schedule and being toted around with us. He has been so sweet and easily goes with the flow. The only  things he’s insistent on is being held 80% off the time, eating until his tummy feels like it’s going to burst, and having his hands by his face.

Today I’m sharing some of our family photos of the littlest loves of our lives! My amazing friend and photographer Paige is so talented and we love these so much!

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