Favorite Flannel

Thermal: A&F | Flannel: A&F  | Jeans: Hudson 
 Purse: GiGi New York | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) | Necklace: Glimmer Lane 
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Guys I have a confession to make – I wear Abercrombie & Fitch! I KNOW! I SAID IT! Judge me, because I judge myself with knowing that! I was that teen who LOVED anything that said, “A&F” on it in high school. Give me a break that was my generation. Although, I do look back now 1. Maybe embarrassed AND 2. Wishing I had the will to RESIST the trend, but I didn’t. I am not a crazy A&F fan like I used to be but I do still enjoy some of their things. AND FRIENDS THE SMELLLLL!!!! You know what I’m talking about it! It’s amazing! There is NOTHING comparable! Let’s not kid ourselves. Now, with Abercrombie being under the heat lately for many things I think they got a well deserved smack in the face. They desperately NEEDED to change up their game! I mean, no one, I repeat NO ONE is wearing pooka shells & popped polo collars anymore – but if they are, someone please do some community service & take them under you wing. Back to A&F “upping” their game. Have you noticed that they have a new style now? If not take a gander at their website! They have added BLACK to their store, which they never used to carry. It was actually against their rules! They have all new styles I would say a mix of Urban Outfitters + Free People! That’s a pretty good combo if you ask me. So let’s all stop judging little A&F and give them some credit for changing over a new leaf! It takes a lot for a company to revamp themselves & realize they need a change so solute to you! 

Now, with that little rant I will tell you that is outfit is from A&F. I won’t lie, I adore their basic thermal shirts (they are SOOO comfy) and they actually last a long time – I have had this one since high school! I also love their flannels! They are THE perfect weight and have a slim cut fit which I appreciate! I am wearing my favorite Hudson jeans of course! And a pair of Steve Madden Booties! Last but NOT least is my NEW & favorite GiGI New York bag! I am OBSESSED!!! I use this bag all day errr day! I will do a post specifically about my bag later! But rest a sure that it comes in the most perfect colors! Just like last year I can tell that flannels  are going to be my weak spot this year! I will literally have to limit how many I wear a week, said but necessary. What’s you favorite thing to wear in fall? Flannels, scarfs, booties? Share! I don’t want to feel like the only one with fashion hoarding problems! 😉


  1. October 14, 2014 / 7:04 pm

    I TOTALLY know what you mean! I feel like I'm betraying the highly fashionable when I even window shop Abercrombie, but the clothes are so comfortable. I lived in A&F in high school and owned pretty much everything each season. I shopped exclusively there and at Express for the longest time. Ha! I'll have to give their plaid tops a try again.

    XO, Jaime

  2. November 8, 2014 / 1:48 am

    Is their sizing more accurate? A long time ago all their stuff ran wayy small

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