Favorite Spots in Disneyland & Place to Stay

I just wanted to share with you guys a couple of my families favorite spots in Disneyland!

There are so many places to go throughout the park and I also wanted to share our favorite place to stay as a family! I’m going to start with our place to stay.


We love to stay at The Grand Californian Hotel & Spa! Hands down it is the best place to stay especially for kiddos! The most convenient, the coziest, and the staff couldn’t be any nicer! We love staying here for so many reasons! First the location is unbeatable! You have direct access to California Adventure and it’s simply a minute walk to Disneyland! We especially love it for the kids because of that convenience! It makes it so easy to go back and forth to the hotel and for naps! It also makes it easy for changing clothes or to add a jacket on at night. Next, the have the most charming lobby! It is a cabin feel and makes you feel so cozy and at home! We love to come back at night go upstairs and change into our PJ’s and go down to the lobby to sit by the fire! They have plush rocking chairs & little ones for the kids (cutest thing ever) and also have story time throughout the day for the kids! The rooms are just as cozy and they leave chocolates for you! Let’s be real that’s why it’s really my favorite, chocolate! The have bunkbeds which Mason thinks is just as good as Disneyland and it’s so cute for the kids! Last but not least the staff is the nicest! We have stayed here more times than I could count and they have always be so helpful, happy, and so inviting!



  1. Bengal Barbecue: I love to eat and love to eat even more at Disney! This is my top favorite place to eat! They have the yummiest meat & veggie jungle skewers that are also somewhat healthy! I love this because I love to eat all the sweets at disney but filling up on veggies and meat makes me feel reenergized for the rest of the day. Everyone we have taken here has fallen in love with it and the kids love it just as much! They have spicy or sweet beef, chicken, bacon-wrapped asparagus or fresh vegetables, and breadsticks (so yummy, Mason loves them).
  2. Baby Center: Great for little babies if they need some quite time! It’s also great for nursing! Although, I nurse a lot on the ride (WHAT) yes, the rides. On Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, Tiki room and my favorite the Haunted Mansion! So easy and dark! Just sit on the back of every ride.
  3. Dole Whip: I feel like this does not even need to be mentioned! Who doesn’t love Dole Whip!? It’s right by the Tiki Room, don’t miss it.
  4. The Rail Road Train: This has been closed for a little bit but it’s one of my favorite things! If you’re feeling like you need a little break but don’t want to be completely lame hop on the train that goes around the whole park and enjoy the view! The kids love it because what kid doesn’t like riding a train but also they have a couple little fun things to see on the ride! You can hope off at anytime so don’t worry about getting stuck!
  5. Mickey Beignets: These are hands down a MUST in the park! They are better than donuts! So yummy and everyone loves them! Plus grab a Mint Julep! 



  1. Corn Dog Castle: I love a good cheese on a stick and this place has the yummiest and largest ones! We will often get them to go and walk back to the hotel (which is right about the corner)
  2. Games of the Boardwalk: We love these! They are so fun! Mason loves to play and you get the cutest prizes for cheap! I think it’s $2 to play and make sure you wait for a full house of people to compete against because that’s how you get the best prize but they are easy, the kids love it, and love winning! And think about it $2 for a Dumbo!? Win!
  3. Ferris Wheel: I love the view and how relaxing it is! I like the one that doesn’t move because I get a little sick but it’s so pretty and one of my favorite views of the park! 

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! I’ve been to Disney World, but never Disneyland. I would love to visit!

    Posted 3.16.17 Reply