Styling Floral Kimono + Destress Denim



I am so in love with this Floral Kimono! I’ve been love the hues of the pinks, purples, and creams! I’m all about dressing casual most days but adding a piece like this just gives any look a little bit of color! I’m wearing the jeans that I haven’t been able to taken off since I got them. About sizing, get your true size. I have them in 2 sizes and get your usually size. They might be tricky to get on at first. You know that lay on your bed trying to shimmy them up kind of thing but it’s worth it! They have the slightest bit of give to them! I have also linked a couple beautiful floral kimonos!

About basic tees! You need all of them! I love starting with the basics and then layering! I tend to lean towards v-necks because my torso is so long but anything that works for your body I would be the basic colors. White, Black, and Grey. Then from there you can add whatever brighter colors. This helps me have a base for most of my outfits. I also feel most comfortable in basics not to mention I think they always look classy!

Also can we talk about these wedges! I have been wearing them nonstop and they are worth every single penny! I love how they go with every outfit! They also come in a couple other colors!

I hope you guys had the best weekend! Ours went by way too fast! We have been busy with so many things going on it’s hard to keep track of everything!

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