Happy Father’s Day to our Favorite Daddy!

Happy Father’s Day

When Hallmark at Walgreens reached out to me to work on a Father’s Day post I instantly smiled from ear to ear thinking of how blessed my little babies are to have the most incredible daddy! Father’s Day is such a special day around here we spoil this man from sun up to sun down to show just a little glimpse of how much we love and appreciate him! I was asked to participate in the #HallmarkAtWalgreens campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

I had always loved Father’s Day and as a kid I would wake up early and give my dad the little homemade gift I had made for him! To see the smile on his face and how much he loved it even though he couldn’t even decipher what it was, was priceless! Now being an adult Father’s Day has so much more meaning! I see the love my husband has for our kids! I see how hard he works to take care of our family and how hard he works at home to make each of the kids feel loved, important, and special!

Some of my favorite moments in the world are when Trevor just gets home from work, I’m usually cooking dinner in the kitchen and the kids are playing in the living room! Our little Mason will hide under a table just waiting for him to walk in so he can “spook him”, the funny thing is – it’s always the same table and the giggles that come from under the table as he’s waiting are far too loud for anyone to be
“spooked”.  Meanwhile, Monroe will crawl as fast as her little limbs will let her as she hears the garage door open and just wait for daddy to scoop her up in his arms! This is no more than a minute of my day all while I’m still in the kitchen finishing up dinner but it leaves my heart so full and is a constant memory I hold dear.

Trevor is the kind of guy who never stops! He gives his absolute all whenever he is at the time! The minute he walks through the door after a long day he’s ready to be “daddy”! He’s ready to build castles out of blocks that get knocked down by the dinosaurs, he’s ready to play tea with Monroe and her bunnies, and he’s ready to help out in whatever way he can! He never asks us for a break or says he’s going to go lay down upstairs for a few minutes after a long day. The list could go on and on. But you know those moments in life that you stop and realize, “wow, I feel so lucky to have even more than I could have dreamt of”? I feel like that often.

Picking out Hallmark cards has become one of Mason’s favorite things! For Mother’s Day he picked my mom out a card with a dog on it (she’s not a huge animal person) but he was so proud of it and she just loved it! When I told him we were going to Walgreens to pick out a Hallmark Father’s Day Card out for dad he was dying to find a golf one! They love to go golfing together so I said we would see what we could find and sure enough Hallmark Signature Cards had the most adorable one! He was over the moon! For Monroe, we picked out a fairytale card – she loves when her daddy reads her books so it was perfect! I picked out one that sums up how I feel exactly, ” You put your whole heart into our family ” this couldn’t be more truthful! I have always been a fan of Hallmark Signature Cards but even more for special occasions like this one. They have a simple & special way of expressing how much we care!

So here’s to Father’s Day! Here’s to celebrating all those amazing daddies all over the world! We love you! We see what you do! Most of all we appreciate you!

Also, there is be a fun Twitter party with a chance to win some great prizes! Stay tuned for details! XO


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walgreens. The opinions and text are all mine.

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