Kiddos Easter Party

I am so excited to share this adorable Easter Party thrown by Jenni Kaufusi last week! If you guys have not seen some the parties she has thrown you’re missing out! She has the most clever & beautiful ideas! The perfect party planner!
The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVED the party! Mason was screaming when it was time to leave! Kaley Munday was so sweet to host 10+ toddlers 🙂 Everything from the decorations, cupcakes, flowers, and activities were so perfect!
If you guys are planning a fun Easter time for your little ones I’m going to list a couple things Jenni planned that our kids loved!


Sugar Cookie Decorating
Easter Story Time
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Coloring Pages
Bunny Races (the little kids simply raced each other by hopping & LOVED it)

There were also the most darling & talented people who helped! I have listed them below in case you guys had any questions: 

Hostess @kaleymunday
The decorations & baskets are from @taipantrading
Cupcakes are from @cupcake_mama60
Cookies are from @cakebycourtney
Felt balls from @hellomaypole 
While the kids laughed & ran themselves into a stupor us mamas were able to catch up & I was able to meet a couple new ladies! I have listed them below as well! It’s so fun to spend time with moms in your same stage of life & doing a lot of the same things. Sharing stories & giggles, there is nothing better.
Thanks to all for this adorable party! I hope it gives you guys a some fun ideas & decorating ideas! Happy Easter! XOXO

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