Lace Skirt for Easter

Lace Skirt for Easter



With the seasons changing I feel so relived! Weird? I know but you get me. It’s so funny how nature works. As soon as I think ugh I honestly can’t take this weather anymore it’s time for a new season! Yay! I’m so in love with Spring! I often relate it to Fall. I feel like these are to pivotal seasons that give everyone a breathe of fresh air and they can see to the horizon! Not only do I love Spring for the sunshine but can we talk about the colors, the styles, and most importantly the celebrations! I love Easter and have ever since I was little. I can still remember living in Florida when I was really little and my mom got matching dresses for my sister Brooke and I and laid them on these brown couches we had! I also had a basket full of goodies but that dress we glorious! I love any holiday that gives me an excuse to find an outfit for and who doesn’t want to find the perfect Easter dress or skirt!?

I wore this skirt a couple times now and love it more each time. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the length, or maybe it’s that everything can go with it. I cannot pin it down but I always don’t think that is a problem. I love the way it fits & like I said above adore! It does fit true to size and comes a little high on the waist which I love for tucking in. It also comes in black. I have linked a couple more of my favorite lace pieces for Easter below! I love the lace trend. It’s timeless, adds so much texture, and very feminine.



Let’s talk about this blouse that’s a whopping $14.99. Yeah, go back and read it again because I said $14.99. Crazy, I know. I LOVE it! It’s the perfect touch to this outfit and I’ve also paired it with a pair of jeans so cute and country chic! It comes in so many other colors that I linked them below. My favorites are the blush & white (I know, shocking). I love blouses like this because you always need them and feel confident in them. I love layering and starting out with a good basic makes for the perfect outfit.


Makeup & hair! I have shared the makeup I’ve been using the most here but I’m also linking what I’m wearing in the post below! I have this thing about “looking the same”. Let me explain. I want to always look like myself and don’t do anything too crazy with my makeup. I tend to stick to the same hues. I hate looking back on photos and thinking, “what in the world was I doing” so I keep it streamline. I do love to get all dolled up for special occasions but even then it might simply be more eyeliner, brighter lipstick, and a little more blush! I do love makeup I’m just saying I don’t change it up often! Top bun, just throw it up there! Can you see those big bump in my head? Yeah, but it’s fine. It’s easy, tossed up, fun, and cute!


I have more of these looks I’m bring closer to Easter but wanted to share this one now because things are selling out fast! I hope you guys have the best weekend! Thank you always for all your love and support! I have so many fun things coming! I’m excited to share! XO

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