Lightening It Up

All white - 5 All white - 7 All white - 6 All white - 2 All white - 3 All white - 4 All white - 1

Jeans  |  Blouse  |  Purse  |  Heels  |  Lips  |  Sunglasses


I almost always wear something white. I feel with my hair being so dark I like to wear white to lighten everything up! I love where light on light. Although, I have 2 kids and usually end up grey at the end of the day – all white is my jam!

I simply paired this white/blush chambray up with the distressed pair of white jeans, nude heels, and a Madewell cross body. I love cute simple outfits that make you feel confident but yet comfy.

Many of you have asked about what I wear after having a baby and let’s get real. No, I’m not dressed every single day. A lot of days you can catch me in workout clothes! But after having the baby I like to stick to my more stretchy and comfortable jeans. I still want to feel put together but I need to be comfortable so some jeans that have stretch make it perfect. I also like to wear flowy tops. This helps me feel comfortable and is easy to breastfeed. As much as I would love to stay home and wear leggings all day the days that I do get out and get ready make me feel great & I appreciate them! It also pushes me to get back to pre pregnancy status and wear all my clothes! But on the realist note! No matter what I do that do or how long I will be home it never fails that I march straight upstairs and change into a pair of sweats and baggy shirt. Poor people that knock on the door throughout the day must think I’m the biggest bum! Ha, I know I’m not the only one. XOXO


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