Little Unicorn

Blankets are one of those things that have to be just right in our home! My little boy, Mason, LOVES anything soft & cuddly but is very particular about his blankets. It’s so cute but can be a bit of a pain at times. He also loves to put his little fingers through the tags, it’s a little security thing. Every time he falls asleep you will see his little fingers poking through.. 

We are IN LOVE with this oversized Muslin Cotton Quilt from Little Unicorn! We have the “Traffic Jam” Quilt right here. It’s not your average Muslin Blanket. It has 4 layers of Muslin Cotton which are quilted together. It’s great for babies of all ages because it is heavier for a warm & cozy cuddle but still breathable for little infants. Mase is now 20 months but I would feel perfectly comfortable putting it in his crib when he was a newborn! It is a fabulous blanket at home & to travel as well! They have 6 unique patterns. I love the prints they have because you don’t see them everywhere. They would also be a wonderful gift! They also carry Plush BlanketsSwaddle BlanketsDarling Diaper Bags and many more items! I have fallen in love with this shop! We always want to give our little ones the best and Little Unicorn surly delivers! 

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