My Top 7 Face Products

I wanted to share some of my top favorite face products I have been using lately. I find myself always changing up my face routine, by changing it up I mean every couple months. I enjoy trying new things and I think it’s good for my skin. My skin is not my strong suit. I have always struggled with zits & discoloration. I have really good weeks & really bad weeks. So I have become pretty picky about what I use. To completely honest I have found that using high end products have been the best thing for my skin. When it comes to skin care I’m not about taking chances. I want the best of the best. Without further adieu here are my WINNERS! I have explained each one a little and linked them up on the bottom. Comment if you have any questions about anything or product I will get back to you! 

Step 1:
I wash my face with the Fresh Soy Cleanser. This is a natural cleanser that removes all my make up. I love this cleanser because it feels so pure on my skin and there are no ingredients that would irritate your skin. It comes in 2 sizes which is nice especially if you want to “try” it. For the longest time I got the smaller size because it was easy for me to travel with. I eventually splurged for the larger size & the smaller and now I keep one at home & one in my travel bag. 

Step 2:
After I have washed my makeup off with a regular cleanser I will then use this Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser.  I use this after all my make up is off because I want it to be able to penetrate my skin as much as possible. This special cleanser has a “tingly icy” sensation. I love it! I feel like it actually is getting in there. I picture the Scrubbing Bubbles commercials, you know, the ones with the little scrubbers scrubbing the toilet. Yeah, that but only not a toilet, just my face haha. SIDE NOTE: when I first stared to use the cleanser I broke out for about 3 weeks! I was so frustrated but then thought “maybe it’s just cleaning my skin out and getting everything out” IT WAS! I now only use it a couple times a week and haven’t one break out! 
Step 3:
Clarasonic WHAT? Ok, so I have been an avocate for the Clarasonic ever since it came out years ago.   It gives you such a deep clean and exfoliation. But it cost anywhere from $100-$250, that’s a lot. It’s even MORE when I found THIS sucker The Dynamic Duo Face Brush it’s from the Sephora collections and it’s good as gold! I actually like it even better than the Clarasonic! I don’t have to charge it, I don’t have to clean out under the heads, and it’s a FRACTION of the price! My favorite thing about it is that the bristles on it are a little more stiff so I actually feel I get any even deeper clean and I have control over it! It’s also great to travel with and great for gifts! 

Step 4:
Dr. Dennis Gross has become my new best friend! These Alpha Beta Peel Wipes are HEAVEN sent! Like I said earlier I tend to have discolored skin tone and little scaring here & there! These have changed my complexion for the better! They peel your skin just enough that you wake up to a new face! GLOW! Just try their sample pack of 5 wipes and you will be hooked! Hooked, I tell ya! The morning after I use them I wake up excited to look in the mirror! It’s smooth, it’s even, and it’s glowing. Miracle!
NOTE: I either use these of the mask down below I will tell you about in a second but never both! They are both skin exfoliants and you should never use them at the same time. You will burn your skin! 

Step 4:
GlamGlow owns a special place in my heart. It have helped me through rough facial times. It is a great detoxing mask for your face. The Supermud Mask is one that may make you break out a small bit the day after but it is truly getting so deep in your skin and cleaning all the dirt out. The Youthful Tinglexfoliant gives you more of a glow after you use it! It gives you a radiant complexion and softer skin! I could never choose one over the other! I use them both at different times. 
Step 5:
Moisturizer Moisturizer Moisturizer! This is the winner of all winners! Josie Maran Argon Oil This is a product I have been using for years now and have loved it more and more! This is what I use as a moisturizer at night. YES, it is an oil and I love it! I have NEVER broke out from it and wake up with nothing but soft skin. Not oily looking, not greasing, just soft and hydrated. I like this product because it is so pure and I can mixed with other things if you need on your face (i.e. self tanners). NOTE: I have not been happy with the “light” version they have to offer. I find it very oily and thin. I would suggest getting the regular thing. You won’t regret it. 

Step 6:
Spot Treatment. Many friends have recommended this spot treatment for awhile now. I have liked it so far. I feel it does the job but my all time favorite is still Philosophy Spot Treatment, although I haven’t been able to find it in the stores lately only online. They both are great but I feel that the Philosophy helps fade the blemish discoloration a lot faster. 

I hope this helps you guys a little bit and let me know if you have any questions. I’m no expert but I have used a TON of stuff!

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  1. Glad you did this post. I'm needing to switch things up a bit, and I find it to be overwhelming going into Sephora and just looking around. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 2.27.15 Reply
  2. You're so welcome! Sephora is great but cAn be a lot! They always give samples of everything is you want to try it before you buy it! Good luck! Hope you find some things you love!

    Posted 2.27.15 Reply