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With baby #2 on the way having an amazing stroller is a top priority. We have all been there when we just buy any old stroller to “make due”. Well let me tell you – they don’t last and ends up being a waste of money! I’m not making that mistakes with baby #2. I need something practical, sturdy, and functional! That’s where I turn to the Nuna IVVI Stroller! The design of the stroller is incredible & beautiful but more important to us mommas it is beyond functional! It is easy to get in & out of the car, the storage basket at the bottom is massive & can store anything you might need, the seat can face forwards/backwards and recline to 3 different positions, as well as being compatible with the Nuna PIPA Carseat & IVVI Carry Cot that I’m dying to used when baby girl is born, and best of all Mason LOVES it! Additional things I love about our Nuna IVVI Stroller is the color! It comes in CavierGraphiteRuby, and Safari. We have the Safari color and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful strollers I’ve ever seen!

A few other things I love about the Nuna IVVI: 

All Weather Seats: Perfect Airy Mesh for summer & zip it up to stay cozy for cold winter days
Dream Drape: For those time the little one falls asleep & needs a little peace & quite
Adjustable Handle: Don’t worry about slouching over to push when wearing heels

I love everything about this stroller! The fact that it is easy for me to assemble, Mason can face me or face forward, and how smooth it is! Nothing is worse than walking through the store and getting ‘caught’ on every little corner because your stroller is so wide! This is the ultimate stroller that makes our lives as mother that much easier and as a busy mom I’m all for that! Please let me know if you have any questions, I am more than happy to help! I have also listed a couple other of my favorite Nuna products below! 




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