Nursing My Babies + Amazing Bra from Thirdlove

Nursing My Babies + Amazing Bra from Thirdlove

So if you read my little post below about nursing my babies you will realize how much I appreciate a great nursing bra. I was nursing all day every day (on demand) so convince, comfort, and versatility were my main priorities. I was so excited and passionate about partnering with THIRDLOVE to help launch their new collection of their 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra &  24/7 Classic Underwire Nursing Bra because it fit all my priorities and even more! Not to mention they were created #FORMOMSBYMOMS so that sold me right out the door! We just understand each other (wink).

I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the box THIRDLOVE really has a way with presentation. First I noticed how gorgeous it was & the beautiful shade of pink then I picked it up and felt how buttery soft it was, heaven, pure nursin’ mommy heaven. Let’s face it, as mommas, we are constantly being touched, poked, scratched by our little ones and this smooth bra is a breath of fresh air! It’s made of an extra soft cotton modal fabric for breathability and comfort and boy do I appreciate it! I wish you could feel it over the screen { haha really } that’s how soft it is! They have a large open clasp in front! How amazing is that alone? All those midnight feeds I’m half asleep I don’t have the coordination to unclasp my bra from behind. Also, the cups are super easy to clip on and off! One of the things I loved most is even though this bra has a little bit of padding, it doesn’t lose its shape when you bend it over & then slip it back up. This is a game changer for me I hate that crease you can get. The cup is also a great size to still place a nursing pad in-between! Because if you’re anything like me you’re constantly leaking when nursing, yup! Although I’m wearing the 24/7 Classic Underwire Nursing Bra I cannot feel the wire at all. It morphs with my body, unlike any other bra I’ve had. They are created to grow with our bodies. From pregnancy (my breast get huge + so sore I need the wire for comfort), birth (still good size), nursing (huge, engorged breast again), post nursing (gone, nothing, smaller than they were before). No matter what stage you’re in they are meant to grow with you!

You can buy THIRDLOVE online here & you can conveniently use their Fit Finder from home to figure out the exact size you would need.

Below I’m sharing a little more personal, in-depth story about my nursing journey and my thoughts about us mothers!

My Nursing Journey

I don’t talk about nursing much on my blog or on my social media channels. So I want to preface this post by saying, do whatever works best for you and your little ones, be confident in your choices and find peace. Sounds silly to say when we are talking about nursing or feeding your baby right? Find peace. NO! All you momma’s out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Why do we over complicate what we choose to feed our baby? Is it guilt, social pressure, or stubbornness. I once heard this quote, “They only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come”. Well, isn’t that the truth. Being a mommy is no easy task. Some days I feel like I could write a best selling book on motherhood but then the next day I feel like I have absolutely no idea what in the world I’m doing and completely lost. Who’s with me? Being a mother is my greatest pride & joy! I love these little babes I get to call mine forever and bonding with them is always one of my top priorities. That’s where my nursing journey came in.

I never thought about nursing much when I was pregnant with my first. It was just something I knew I wanted to do but I wouldn’t say I was a huge activist. Then there was that moment that I delivered him. He screamed & cried then slowing calmed in my arms. He must have slept in my arms the first 10+ hours of being born. I attempted to nurse him a couple times but he was dead asleep and too tired to latch. I wasn’t worried about it. I thought if he’s hungry he would wake up, the nurses were starting to panic. They wanted to start supplementing him and that’s when my momma bear came out (first time). I refused! Why though? Like I said earlier I wasn’t a huge activist for breastfeeding. To this day I wouldn’t ever be able to tell you exactly why I refused the nurses but I did. He still didn’t latch instantly so I used a little spoon to squeeze little droplets of milk (colostrum) out and fed him. The next day things went a lot more smoothly and I nursed him no problem up until 13 months, yes I feel blessed. I loved every single minute of hold that tiny body so close to me and knowing he felt loved and provided for. It wasn’t always easy or convenient but boy I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Like the quote, I mentioned before I made my decision and never looked back.

Then there was little Monroe she came out screaming and I couldn’t seem to calm her in my arms in the delivery room. The nurse mentioned to me to perhaps try to feed her. Feed her? She likes 4 minutes old? Me, being accustom to Mason’s situation I was thinking, “umm, ok this will be funny”. But I then started to nurse. She latched that second, right away, as if she had been doing it for years. What!?! I was pleasantly surprised & shocked! I nursed her for 12 months and again enjoyed every second of it. Only this time was much easier. I’m not the best at letting my babes cry it out so every time I would hear her wake in the middle of the night I would slowly get up and pick that warm little bundle up out of her crib and nurse her. I cherished that middle of the night, just she & I quit time. She would often fall asleep in my arms after eating and I would just sit there for an extra half hour staring at those cheeks, those milky lips, those soft baby lashes, and just wishing everything I could ever imagine in life for her.

I believed in the power of nursing. I do believe it creates a bond through you and your child that is unlike anything else. I believe it is very beneficial for your child’s health as well as your own. With that said, I believe in bottle feeding just as much! I believe that you create an incredible bond with that as well and is very beneficial for you child’s health. What I believe most though, is that fact that we are all mothers + we are amazing! We are all trying to do our very best for our little ones. I don’t believe one mother is better than the other best she breastfed for 2+ years and another momma bottle-fed from day one. Let’s band together and do what’s best for our family, children, and most of all us.

Body after baby. I’m really only going to talk about my breasts. Is that weird? Too personal? It’s fine. My breasts, while I’m pregnant, are huge and sore. When I’m nursing they level out but still a good size, after I’m finished nursing I’m wondering where they went. Pretty much searching with a magnifying glass in hopes to find them. Anyone else feel me? My friends and I all joke about it so I’m glad I’m in good company. But it has never bothered me. I’m just grateful for the opportunity I had to nurse my babies & great bras of course (wink).


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