NYFW Instagram Roundup

Another fashion week for the books! We had the greatest time running around the city, going to fashion shows, catching up with old friends, making new ones and meeting with some of my favorite brands. I feel so lucky that I was able to be a part of so many amazing events this week. Of course, next year there will be things I do differently, but that’s the best part of it all! Learning to be better and manage my schedule better. I want to share my looks for the whole week. If you’ve ever seen an Instagram round up before, this is what that is! These looks are all exclusive to fashion week. I brought some of my most favorite pieces with me.

I really hope you loved the looks I put together. Like I said in a previous post. I wanted to play with color and accessories this year. I love a simple/clean outfit but I knew I would need to step up my game for fashion week! And boy, was it, H O T! I didn’t expect it to be so toasty sine last year it was pretty nice and was actually kind of cold at night! Luckily, I feel like I packed outfits that weren’t too heavy and were bearable to wear in the heat. Some of my favorite things I brought with me were my strappy heels which I have in almost every single color. They’re Steve Madden and you can shop them in the outfit details below. My ripped jeans are my everything and the pair I wore in NYC is no exception. They are so easy to dress up or down and I showed that a few times in my Instagram, stories! I just love them I love the fit and I love how I feel when I wear them. I packed a Leopard button up shirt which was a piece I wasn’t too sure about. Oh my, was I so happy that I packed it! One of my staple pieces now!

All outfits details are below underneath the photo! I will include all my sizes for each outfit too! If you have any questions on sizes, just DM me. I can totally help you out.


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