Pottery Barn Kids + DIY Gingerbread Houses

Pottery Barn Kids is by far one of the cutest stores in the world for the children! I was so happy when I got the chance to team up with them & host an event! Since it is holiday time we decided to have the kids decorate they own individual Gingerbread Homes giving all the proceeds to St. Jude’s Hospital! 
Pottery Barn Kid’s is located in The Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City! This is one of my favorite malls! If you guys haven’t visited yet, go now! It’s amazing & so quaint! It is the perfect place to go holiday shopping & the decorations they have decked their halls with are out of this world! Not to mention you can stop and take a quick picture with Santa, yay! They have a variety of stores a few that I love are PBK, PB, Lululemon, Wholefoods, Williams Sonoma, American Apparel, and more listed here. For dinning they have my personal favorites Rodizio Grill &  The Old Spaghetti Factory & lots more hereBoth Pottery Barn Kids & Pottery Barn can only be found in Trolley Square in all of Utah which I love and feel like it makes the mall so unique! 

The kids LOVED making their Gingerbread Homes & mingling with each other! I love this time of year that we are able to spend with family & friends making memories and helping others! I have attached a ton of pictures from the event & at the bottom will also explain to you in detail how I was able to make each little house & the setup this week on the blog! I have picked out a couple of favorite from Pottery Barn Kids below! Enjoy! 


Huge thank you to Pottery Barn Kids & Trolley Square! As well as all the families & kids who came! Photography by Nina Tekwani 

Gingerbread Home: 

Foundation (small box)
Wrapping paper (to wrap box – optional) 
6 Graham Crackers for each home
Sharp Knife to cut Crackers
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Ice Cream Cones – Christmas Tree (Optional) 
Green Melt Chocolates
 Mini Powdered Donut
Peppermint Stick
North Pole Sign
Candy for Decorating
Icing for Piping


1. Assemble & wrap the box
2. Cut pieces of Graham Cracker (see pic below)
3. Assemble with the Hot Glue
4. Bag Candy for kids
5. Bag Icings
6. Dip Cones in Green Melted Chocolate (optional)
7. Create North Pole Signs & Sticks

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