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Brittany Maddux pregnancy must haves

When it came to my first pregnancy, I was a little clueless as to where to turn or what I needed to buy for myself for the next 9 months. Luckily, with the help of my friends and trial and error, I found some amazing items that helped me go through pregnancy smoothly. Now that I am on baby number 3, I feel super confident in my pregnancy must-have lists! Every pregnancy I’ve had I also have a few things that are my absolute favorite. Call me crazy but I love being pregnant. It’s amazing what your body goes through over the 9 months of being pregnant. I’m excited to share them with you. With being pregnant, I’m all about staying comfortable and not worrying too much about myself personally. I think it’s super important to keep your focus on your baby throughout your pregnancy and not worry too much about getting your body back in shape right away. Keep that positive mindset going and be so grateful that you’re pregnant. Here are a few of my favorites things!

  1. Leggings- Stretchy pants are an absolute lifesaver when you’re pregnant! I have maternity jeans I really love those too but after a while, I feel like my stomach is sore. I really am all about comfort, so I live in leggings while I’m pregnant. I feel like you can totally dress them up or down, so I never feel bad about wearing them every day
  2. Bio-oil- This oil is a total lifesaver! I have been super lucky and have not had any stretch marks with any pregnancies. I thank genetics, but really, this oil is probably one of the reasons why I don’t have stretch marks. It smells super yummy and will last a long time! Just rub some all over your tummy and in areas where you get extra itchy. You’ll totally fall in love with this! You can also use it on your whole body and after your baby is here. YAY.
  3. True lemon- There’s something about soda when I’m pregnant that really doesn’t jive well with me. Maybe it’s the sugar, I’m not sure but I a mama of two and I still meed my caffeine fix for the day. That’s why I love these packets. You just add them to a water bottle and you’re good to go. 
  4. Chapstick- My lips get so dry during the winter months and while being pregnant. I love the Laneige sleep mask. Keep a chapstick close by at all times, especially when you’re in the delivery room. I had NO idea that my lips could get that dry! 
  5. Heating pad- This is my holy grail of pregnancy favorites. My back gets so sore, almost to the point of not even wanting to walk. At night, I love being able to lay in bed and turn my heating pad on low to relax my muscles.
  6. Water cup- The amount of water I have to drink to stay hydrated throughout the day and not get lightheaded is insane. I definitely recommend getting a water bottle that you can bring around with your everywhere. You always want to have water close by while you’re pregnant! 
  7. Colleen Rothschild- This oil is amazing for my dry skin. I’ve noticed my skin is extra sensitive this pregnancy. I typically don’t use oil on my face or even under my makeup but I seriously cannot live without it! It’s such an intense moisturizer but is surprisingly lightweight! 
  8. Dermalogica Age Smart C Serum- Have you heard of pregnancy masks? Yeah, well they are a real thing. Dark spots creep up on you during pregnancy and it’s a total shock! This serum has seriously helped my skin with hyperpigmentation and with my pesky dark spots. Also, it smells amazing. Win-win
  9. Comfy clothes- Seriously, this is a favorite of mine even when I’m not pregnant. I love wearing joggers, jersey knot sweatshirts, loose t-shirts, and anything that makes me feel comfortable during pregnancy. 
  10. Jergens- If you have never heard of jargon’s before, then we can’t be friends! JK. But really, I bath in this stuff. I get the medium to tan color and this lotion just gives you such an amazing glow. It is a body lotion that moisturizes, firms and tans you all at the same time. Yeah, it really is as amazing as it sounds! 
  11. Calvin Klein T-Shirt Bra- THESE. ARE. EVERYTHING. They’re so comfy and don’t hurt my upper back throughout the day. This bra is great when you’re not pregnant too! 
  12. Sour Patch- Yum, yum, yum! I love candy. I’ll admit it, it’s totally my weakness but can you blame me? Sour Patch kids are the best, ever. I have a handful every day and I seriously look forward to it. They’re so yummy and I always crave sour candies while I’m pregnant.

I hope you found some new fun things to try out for your next pregnancy or current pregnancy! Wishing all the mama’s out there best of luck and we’ve got this! Mom life is SO not easy. But it really is all worth it. XO.

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