Spreading the Love

Every holiday I try to decorate our house. Some holidays I decorate more than others but when it comes to Valentine’s Day I definetly try to “Spread the Love”. I mean who doesn’t like waking up in the morning seeing roses, hearts, and candy all around? Not me! I have taken a picture of a couple things I do to decorate during February. I explained each thing a little more down below. Enjoy!
 I like to get all the different kinds of candy & put them in apothcary jars. A lot of times I will put huge pink ribbions around the top of my jars to tie it all together but I couldn’t find mine this year. Next, I punched out little glitter hearts and strung them from a branch on my chandlier along with little pom poms. I made half rose balls a couple years ago by cutting a sphere in half and sticking silk roses through out. I use these to place in large sconces I set on our table. I also decorated our mantel with fun bells I have that are pink and white with glitter throughout. This is the first year I’ve done this for the mantel, I like it alright but think I might tweak it a little for next year. I have this cute “love” sign that I made years ago! I love to string that in the entry room. Also I like to have little conversation hearts all around the house so I added some in one of our guest bedrooms in these darling mini cupcake stands. Last but not least cuddling on Valentine’s is only appropriate so I use my chalkboard basket and wrote a little something fun, then placed a sparkley heart by all our blankets in the living room! Fun and easy ways to spread the love throughout your home! Good luck! 

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