How I tackle Black Friday

How I tackle Black Friday

I’m not going to even lie guys. I love to shop and I love black Friday! Let’s go back to shopping for a second. I think I get my love for by growing up with all girls and we loved to go shopping and hangout. So a lot of our Black Friday isn’t actually buying things (I usually shop mostly online) but it is going to the mall with my mom and sisters, walking around, doing lunch, and enjoying each others company.

I wanted to shout out to a couple of Black Friday tips that I use and thought would be helpful. I usually do most of my shopping online even on Black Friday and then we go to the stores for fun random things. The deals in the store on Black Friday are almost always the same so I’d rather grab it while I can then show up to the stroe with high hope and have them be sold out. Moral of the story, online is the safer bet to getting the size you want.

  1. 1. Make a list of what you’re looking for.
    • – I make a couple list (OCD – I know but it helps).
      • – I make a list for big ticket items that I know we want – This year mine is new skis, Trevor wants a Mountain Bike, and Treager Grill.
      • – Then I make a list for Christmas Presents I need to get for our family members (not Trevor or kids – the rest of the family) We exchange names in our family so we try to do that early on so people can be on the look out. I also make a list for my parents, and in laws. I will have an idea of what I want to get them and look for those. Example – this year I’m on the hunt for a good deal of cute mugs which I think I’m going to grab these ones + oil diffusers (we love ours and they make a great gift).
      • – Next I make a list for my babe and little angels. This consist of Christmas Presents always. Trevor is begging for these gloves this year ($140 is so expensive for gloves) but his friends swear they are life changing (life changing gloves? Whatever I’ve heard crazier things) but with that price I’m going to wait to see if that go on sale or a store have a deal on them. Mason is also begging for a Patagonia Jacket (I know, I know – he’s 4 and know what Patagonia is BUT we do go skiing a lot and he says all the big kids have those jackets and they ski the best, so it’s kinda adorable) also, to go along with the search for this specific jacket (he wants the navy) I will be sizing up to a 5T because with a price tag like that it better last us for next year too! Monroe, well I found the most adorable toys for her here – she loves the Melissa & Doug things and I’ve always seen good deals on black Friday.
      • – Last List, myself. Selfish I know. But there a tons of things I want but don’t want to spend full price on. So this year I’m on the hunt for a good deal on another pair of black Uggs, a small Tory Burch Wallet, going to grab the pink color of this jacket (I have the black and love it), and I’m dying for this Dyson. I have the regular stand up Dyson but want this one too, I love vacuums!
  2. 2. Add things to your cart now.
    • -How many of us are so guilty of putting things in your cart online and then not buying it or just forgetting about it, me! I do this all the time! But lately I’ve been adding things to by bag because guess what, our computers and internet are so freaky smart it remembers us every time and keeps our belonging in our cart! So save time now for BF and add it to your cart as you think of it. For example I know Shopbop  [ update: getting it now! The code is live: MORE17 – 20% off orders of $200+, 25% off orders of $500+, 30% off orders of $800+ remember code: MORE17is going to have some kind of sale and these are the items I want so I’ve added them in my cart already and I’m just wait for the day. Saves so much time and scurrying around.
  3. 3. Get it now.
    • – If you’re iffy about a deal or an item. Just get it, you can always return it but I promise you will regret it if you don’t get it and then it goes back up in price. I say this because it happens to me every freaking year no matter what. So this year I’m just going to get it and return what I don’t actually want and just impulse bought.


I hope these little tips are helpful. I know they help me so much and not feel overwhelmed! I have also listed a bunch of stores below that are actually have huge sales right now that you don’t want to miss and are almost identically to Black Friday deals so get it now before it sales out on Black Friday.





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