Friendsgiving Kids Style

What in the world is cute than a bunch of 2 & 3 year olds getting together and feasting! Nothing! We did a “Friendsgiving” for Mason’s little friends this past weekend and he couldn’t have loved it more! 
All the decorations and settings are from Tai Pan! As much a we love to decorate our homes, tables, and kitchen the babies want to feel special too and not just like they were thrown to the “kid table”. I wanted to make the “kid table” amazing! I wanted the kids to want to sit there and feel so special! I remember all my holidays growing up and the ones that I cherished most were the extra special ones that made the day stick out for a life time! 
I’m going to list my tips for a Kid’s Table along with the menu we chose. Since we did this on a different day than actually Thanksgiving we were given more leeway. We were able to gear specially towards the kids. If it was on Thanksgiving I would probably tie a lot more grown up food in. 

Tips for a Kid’s Table

(  1. ) Choose a Theme: 
I chose to do “Forest Animals” we were have boys & girls and who doesn’t love darling fox, bears, and raccoons! It made it so easy to coordinate and stick with a flow. I found all my Free Printables from We Lived Happily Ever After. 
(  2. ) Paper Table Covering: 
A paper table covering lets your mind be at ease. They can spill, color, lay their food, anything and you won’t panic! I chose this darling brown & gold from Tai Pan! Perfect for a little extra spark!
(  3. ) Paper Plates: 
I feel like paper plates are great for kids! If they are anything like my little boy they will pick them up and walk somewhere with them. If it falls it’s an easy clean up not shattered glasses everywhere. Not to mention it’s an easy clean up anyways! I did paper orange plates with smaller white plates on top. It looks a little fancier but so easy! I topped them off with Free Printables from We Lived Happily Ever After to add a little extra specialness. 
(  4. ) Appealing Cups: 
Kids might not eat much but they always love to drink! Especially when it is something like chocolate milk in a darling mason jar! These are from Tai Pan! They are perfect size for kids and you get to put whatever color straw you want in them! I also love these because the kids feel so special! They know they have fun cups and are more likely to drink up! I used chocolate milk and the kids LOVED it! 
(  5. ) Activity:
It’s important to have an activity out on the table for the kids to work on. They aren’t like adults were they can sit and talk for hours they need something to do. That’s where I found these adorable print outs from We Lived Happily Ever After. They are simple outlines of Forest Animals that the kids loved to color! I also got these Finger Puppets printed off on card stock from The Allison Show which the kids had a kick out of putting them on their fingers. 
(  6. ) Simple Food
I will go into detail about our menu below but keeping the menu simple makes it so much easier and yummy for the kids! 
(  7. ) Decorations: 
Kids are so much smart than we remember sometimes. They love fun decorations too! Keep it to decorations that won’t break & are obviously kid friendly! One of their favorites were the batter operated candles! They loved them! 
(  8. ) To Go Treats: 
Every kid loves a treat on the way out! We did S’more Kits to go along with the Forest Theme! It was super easy and they loved it! I got the printable for this tag here


Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup 
Cheese Cubes 
Celery & Carrots with Ranch 
Crescent Rolls 
Fruit (Grapes & Oranges) 
Apple Sauce 
Mini Donuts 
Chocolate Milk 
* I put the Ketchup & Ranch in little dipping cups so it wouldn’t flood the plate
I hope this helps you guys & sparks some ideas for your little ones! If you are looking for a one stop shop Tai Pan is the place! Perfect for the kids table and adults! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    What a sweet idea for little friends. We need to do something like this too. Great job! I'm sure they had lots of fun.

    Posted 12.18.15 Reply