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Ok, guys, it’s that time of year again where you to throw everything out that you own and start fresh. Is it just me or is there something in the air? Please tell me you’ve seen the new/amazing special on Netflix “Tidying Up”. Marie talks all about how cleaning and organizing help you feel more at peace and balanced in your life. She has a way of making you feel grateful for the things you have and being ok with letting them go.  I can truly say, an organized home has made a big impact on my family. The chaos of everyday life with kids has gone down. I love keeping everything organized for a few reasons. I was getting super tired of scrounging through all my makeup and skincare and not being able to find anything I was looking for. I finally said that’s enough and got down to business. I went nuts with organizing drawers and I haven’t looked back since. It is so refreshing and peaceful when I know exactly where everything is. Every week, or so I go through my drawers and see if there is anything that I can throw away. I feel like makeup accumulates and it’s super easy to mess up all your hard work. Especially when it comes to makeup and skincare.

I want to share my techniques for organizing so that they will hopefully help you get excited about cleaning out the messiest drawers and closets in your house. Seriously, I can say I feel like a new woman after everything is tidy. I’m really loving the feeling. What drove me to get everything clean was knowing I have another baby on the way and I guess you can say I’m getting into the “nesting” period of pregnancy. I can’t believe it’s already time for time. I’ve made sure to link all of the bins I’ve used and really like, along with all the makeup and skincare items I’ve been using throughout the years. Everything pictured is tried and true.

The real question is… Why does decluttering make us feel SO good? Like chocolate chip cookies and ice cream good?! Well, here’s a few answers I found and some personal answers.

1. Physical clutter causes mental weight.

Decluttering helps our minds let go of painful reminders of the past, present or even just knowing that those old lego pieces are ready for a new life. Freeing up space in your home will help free up your mind for more positive thoughts and happy memories.

2. Apparently, when you have a clean room you sleep better.

Does anyone think this is true? I DO! 100% My mind races in the night knowing I have laundry to fold and clothes to hang up. I sound crazy, but it’s a real thing!

3. Making decisions make us strong.

I love this one! I didn’t think much of this idea when I was cleaning but it’s true! I tend to go back and worth with a few items justifying in my mind why I’m keeping them. If I don’t get rid of the item during the first clean out, I tend to get rid of it the second time around. Gain control back of your house and mind.

4. I feel peaceful after I clean

I really do. This is one reason why I love cleaning and sometimes steer away from it. I know it’s a huge monster to face but when I do a huge sense of peace comes over me and I feel so much better. We deserve to feel this way.

5. Pick up for 5 minutes every day to avoid a big mess.

Now, this technically isn’t a “reason” why cleaning makes us feel so good but this can help us feel good all the time! Alright, I get it. You won’t be able to deep clean every day and you don’t want to spiral into a huge mess. Set a timer for 5 minutes every day and pick up as much as you can. You’ll get in a habit of picking things up before they turn into a huge mess. You’ll be so surprised to see how clean everything can stay if you just do a small pick up every single day.








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  1. Briana wrote:

    I definitely need to work on makeup organization!


    Posted 1.16.19
    • BrittanyMaddux wrote:

      Right! This makeup bag is everything!!

      Posted 1.22.19

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