The 5 Minute Rule That Will Change Your Life


Happy Thursday girlfriends! I honestly feel so rejuvenated being back in the swing of things! With the start of January I  wanted to kick it off with a little 5 Minute Rule That Will Change Your Life! I  started doing this 2 years ago + honestly it has helped me so much in so  many ways! It’s something that is always in the back of my mind when I  feel lazy or dragging a little bit!

When I’m in a rut I often find myself unmotivated to do anything, even things I need to get done. This is where I turn to my 5 – minute rule! I will do something I don’t feel like doing (i.e. the dishes, start the laundry, get dressed, pick up around the house) something I can commit a solid 5 minutes to even though I don’t want to at the beginning I am always happy I did at the end and usually go over 5 minutes because I get caught it. This little method has helped me so many times when I felt stuck in a rut! Also, I love to just go through the motions when I feel in a rut and eventually at the end of the day find myself back to normal and feeling great!

It seems so simple but I ‘m telling you that you can do anything for 5 minutes including working out, call a friend who needs a little pep talk, reading a book with your babies, organizing your bathroom drawers. I  start with the vision of 5 minutes and get so much done! Also a good sale never hurts! I  listed my favorite things on sale right now over here.

Below I ‘m listing a couple more things that I  turn to when I’m in a rut both self love + organization! I  challenge you guys to write a list of things in your phone, down on a piece of paper, or in your mind of things you guys do + love when you feel like you are in a rut. I ‘m excited to expand on this topic more this year to help all of us girlies out and know that we are in it together! XO



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