Updated Skincare Routine to get that Glow


I’m so excited to be sharing with you guys my nightly + morning skin care routine. I have gotten this question hundreds of times so it was time for post. This post it not at all sponsored but products that work for me and my skin type. To start off my skin is combination! I    have dry areas + oily areas and it varies as the seasons change. I    have been using the products I’m about to share with you for 6+ years now and have never looked back. Like I’ve been telling you I added some GAME CHANGERS that i’m obsessed with so I  will be putting those in a separate section below. It started when I      went to get my first facial and the esthetician introduced me to Skinceutials and from there I’ve never look back. Yes, I    felt like I    was being sold but little did I    know that esthetician was introducing me to true gold! Back then I    was still breaking out regularly and trying to tame my pimples. I     started with the moisturizer and microscrub. My skin started to clear up rapidly and I     felt so much more confident. That’s when I    started to be a true believer and tried more products from them. Let me start by saying that you have to find what works for your skin. Most people I’ve talked to love Skinceutials! Also after my third pregnancy my skin tone has changed so much! My malasma has been worst than ever and these products have been helping so much!

My favorites are:

Biore Charcoal Face Wash: I  absolutely love this face wash! It gets all my makeup off and I    feel that it really gets the dirt out of my pores.


H.A. Intensifier: It has Hyaluronic Acid in it that helps plump your skin and level out acid levels. This is something that I  use both morning and night! It has such a good constancy + like vitamins for your skin!


Discoloration Defense: This is used to brighten you skin and minimize any discoloration. It is AMAZING! IT takes a couple months to start seeing results but stick with it. This has helped with my melasma THE most.


Resveratrol B E: This is my favorite product. It helps with aging and fines lines and night I    use it my skin wakes up feel so soft, refreshed, and infused. So glowy! If you already have really good skin I  would still stick this in your routine. It gives your skin a little plumpness!


Renew Overnight Dry Moisturizer: This is targeted for dry skin which I    love because it help my dry sports but doesn’t make anything oily. This is great for the winter months.


BeautyBio Radiance Omega Oil: This is SO hydrating! I  love the way it sinks into my skin and just gives it a glow. I  wear this on days that I  don’t wear makeup and also under my makeup when I’m having  a dry skin day.


A.G.E. Eye Complex: Eliminates puffiness and helps diminish dark circles.


Exfoliating Microscrub: This scrub is amazing! It is so gentle on the skin but yeah doesn’t leave any residue on your face.


Dr. Dennis Gross Extra strength Peel Pads: This is AMAZING! They are great for aging, skin discoloration, and acne.


SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight: This is one of my GAME CHANGERS! This stuff is like a walking facial in a bottle. It tingles when it goes on but it’s so good!


Tula Eye Balm: This gives the most illuminating glow to your face! I  use it under my eyes and high on cheek bones. It also have the best cooling effect! I  LOVE THIS stuff!


 C E Ferulic: This has really helped me with my skin tone. I  use it in the  morning to help fight off the pollutants in the air and with my skin tone.


Equalizing Toner: This toner is amazing! It helps equalize my skin and ensures my face is clear before use all my products.


Phloretin CF: This is what has helped my skin THE most when it comes to my discoloration. It helps diminishes discoloration and evens out tone.


The Quench Eye Balm: This is THE best eye cream I  have ever used! It is so hydrating to the eye and has helped so much with my fine lines.


GloPro Microneedling Tool: Ok. So I ‘m finally getting on board with this tool and it is AMAZING! Don’t cheap out and get similars (I  say that because I’ve done that) This is the real deal so much sharper than any of the others! It helps all my products penetrate deeper and brings a bounce back to my skin.

GloTrition Collagen Packets: I  LOVE these, I ‘m on my second bag and have already noticed my skin glow more and look brighter! Even my nails + hair feel so much healthier! Also my skin feels so much  more hydrated which is AMAZING!


My Night Routine:

I’m going to write this in step by step format so it’s easier to understand.
  1. wash my face with Biore face wash 2 times AT LEAST!
  2. use this mircoderm scrub to exfoliate (only 3 times a week)
  3. towel pat dry
  4. Use a Dr. Dennis Gross Extra strength Peel Pads: 1x a week
  5. Apply my H.A. Intensifier + Discoloration Defense + C E Ferulic + Phloretin CF  
  6. Apply the Resveratrol B E let it soak in 
  7. Apply Overnight Dry Moisturizer + The Quench Eye Balm under my eyes.

This might seem like a lot but it goes quickly and you wake up GLOWING! 

Morning Routine:

  1. Wash my face with Biore face wash
  2. Apply my H.A. Intensifier + C E Ferulic + Phloretin CF  + The Quench Eye Balm
  3. Apply the Triple Lipid Moisturizer for the day OR sometimes I  will stick to the serums above if I  feel like my skin is hydrated enough that day.
  4. Drink my Glotrition Collagen in the morning!

I let that all settle in for about 10 minutes and then start my makeup. I    know these products can be pricey but I’m telling you they are amazing and work wonders! I    pay every penny proudly knowing how much I    appreciate these products for my face. I’m talking about a couple more of my favorites below an have everything linked but let me know if you have nay questions! I    love this topic and so happy to help!

Keep The Hair Out Of Your Face

One thing that totally bugs me is when I am washing my face and my hair keeps getting in the way. Does this bother anyone else?! It drives me totally crazy. I love using a headband like these because they keep the hair out of my face and make sure that no water or soap gets in my hair. These are really great, sometimes I even use my shower cap. I try not to wash my hair all that often, so I really keep my hair out of the way when I’m cleansing my face!



For me, this is one of the most important steps for my skincare routine. I wear quite a bit of makeup and if I didn’t exfoliate my skin after a long day of wearing makeup, I think my skin would be so mad at me! One product Is wear by in my Clarisonic. I’ve had this for quite a few years now and it works so well. When I can see my skin getting really dull, my Clarisonic always helps to bring my glow back. I also feel like my skincare products like my serums and moisturizers actually are able to penetrate deeper into my skin and work way more effectively! I am in love with this Skin Ceuticals Micro-Exfoliating scrub. It is so soft and gentle but you can really feel it working. It clears out my pores and makes my skin feel squeaky clean. I really am in love with this stuff. After I exfoliate, I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra strength Peel Pads: maybe once or twice a week. These pads are so incredible.


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