Valentine’s Day that will last

Lasting Valentines Gift


I am a lover for Valentine’s Day! I always have been. I remember in middle school bring a huge Teddy Bear for my little school girl crush…. oh the days (lol). But I have to be honest and say I haven’t done one thing around her to decorate! [ Bad mommy, I know ] Although, I have got a couple gifts for the babies, hubby, and myself! We love like gifts & surprises around here so that will do! i was just so burned out for Christmas that I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing red around the house for another month.

As you can tell I’ve also taken a little break from blogging because I needed it! I was so overwhelmed with the holidays that I just needed a breather! But I’m back & have some fun things, practical things, real life things, and home things! So many things, things, things!

I have picked out some fun & easy valentines pieces that will last you all year long! As much as I love V-Day I love practical gifts so I choose things that fall in the category and will take you into Spring/Summer! I hope you guys have the best Wednesday! I will be posting about Mason’s little school Valentine’s tomorrow [ Target Dollar Spot is where it’s at – always ]


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