Vanity Planet Aroma1 Diffuser

With winter & the chill in the air along comes that nasty cold & flu. My family has been on the verge of getting a cold for a couple weeks now. We all have scratchy throats & stuffy noses (not fun). Along can the Aroma1 Diffuser from Vanity Planet and WE LOVE IT! And there is a hefty discount code at the end of this post you won’t want to miss!

It is a diffuser & humidifier all in one little powerful device! You can put any essential oil in it. I pick which everyone we need at the time. When we are sick I use Doterra OnGuard or Thieves. I also love Vanity Plant’s Eucalyptus Oil. It has the best scent that helps yours airways open up and fills the room with freshness. One of the things I love most about this diffuser is the size! It fits perfectly on my night stand. I almost forget it’s there. I also love how portable it is. If we are in the family room sometimes I will move it down with us to keep the freshness going. 

A few facts about the Aroma1 Diffuser:
Refreshes & ionizes air
Revitalizes & soothes your body
Ultra-quiet operation & auto shut-off
Timer Settings: 30 min, 60 min, 120 min
Releases a tranquil mist
Includes 7 LED light settings & color choices
BPA free

Last but not least we have any amazing discount code! Use the code: brittanymaddux and get 50% off the Diffuser! Amazing right! It’s the best deal I’ve ever seen on one. Let me know if you guys have any other questions or on how I use it! XOXO

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