You’ve Been Booed

We loving BOOING in our house! It was a little tradition we did when I was little and now we continue to do it! Have you ever been BOOED? So many people know what it is but just in case you don’t here is the run down.

 You put together a couple treats, a little outline of a ghost, and the little poem that goes along with the shindig. You leave it on two of your neighbors door they then pass it along to two of their neighbors until the whole neighborhood is BOOED! So fun! They way you know if a house has been BOOED or not is by putting the ghost in your front window or on your door! It’s a fun way to pass out a couple treats to the neighbors and the kids love it, they think it’s so sneaky 😉 So start your BOOING people! I have attached what treats I gave for my BOOING and the images I used! I got the little poem from but they are also below. Hope this helps!  

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