A Fresh Summer Look


Have You Heard?

I want to share details on this fresh summer dress AND tell you about what’s going on in my life! We’re on the tail end of the week and I’m so looking forward to the weekend. Have you heard of Pioneer Day? Honestly, if you don’t live in Utah then you probably think I just made up a holiday. Haha, don’t give me all the credit– it’s a real thing! Every year we celebrate Pioneer Day and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it can be a bigger celebration than July 4th. I know, haha it’s so crazy and tons of fun, we hang out with our neighbors and go to the pool all day long. Pioneer Day is July 24 and if you EVER want to experience some intense parades, then plan a trip to Salt Lake City next year around this time. You’ll be super impressed!

Here’s The Deal

I just had McKay a little over 4 months ago and I’m working really hard to come up with some kind of routine for a family of 5! It has been a big change and I’m so grateful. I’ve made it a point to get myself to the gym and it’s been a huge gamechanger for me. I am in no rush to “look a certain way” after having McKay. But I AM ready to get into a better workout routine.

The reason I bring this up is that I want to share this ADORABLE outfit with you. Yes, the dress is a little on the tight side. That’s why I’m wearing a cardigan with it because I’m not fully comfortable with my hips yet. But I’m not letting the way my body looks hold me back from outfits I’m dying to share with you guys. My stomach is not flat yet and my boobs, well yeah, that’s another story!

The Deets

Let me spill the tea on this outfit, yeah? Ok, well I’m obsessed with everything about it and this dress is currently 20% off and I’m not joking it holds you in. The ruching is GREAT if you don’t want a skin-tight dress on your tummy– I feel you girl. This cardigan is made of dreams and clouds, it is SO soft and is also ON SALE! These exact sandals are currently sold out. I know, I’m sorry! BUT these ones I’ve added I also have and LOVE and they’re on sale too! This is a great outfit to wear if you’re wanting something on the flirty side but you don’t want to show off your whole body!


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