Accessories That I Love


My Go To Accessories

I feel like no outfit is complete if you don’t have some kind of accessory to go with it. I know that might sound crazy but it’s true. Accessories are like icing to the cake. Now, I’m not talking about 10 pearl necklaces, a belt, huge purse, big hoop earrings and a headband all at the same time. One of those will do just fine! It’s super easy to dress up any outfit just by adding an accessory or two. It’s also a super price friendly (most times). I’ve lined those popular pearl hairclips you’ve seen everywhere, turban headbands (my FAVE), sunglasses, belts, hats and more. I’m sharing all of the accessories that I love.

Small and Dainty

If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you KNOW that I wear small dainty gold necklaces ALL. THE. TIME. That is my go-to way to dress up my outfits. I’ve always loved smaller jewelry since I was little. A trick to wearing several different necklaces is to layer. You can mix metals– I think this is a beautiful look. Mixing rose gold, gold, and silver add tons of flare detail to your outfit.

Here are some small gold necklaces That I absolutely love!

Bold And Colorful

With Spring time here and summer right around the corner, it is always so fun to follow seasonal trends. Pops of color are beautiful for the warmer months! I love incorporating color with earrings. Fun colorful earrings are a great way to spice up any outfit! I wear earrings every single day. They are so feminine and gorgeous. I feel like I can tie my whole entire outfit together just by adding earrings. Here are a few that I love! If earrings aren’t your thing but you want to start wearing them, start with a pair of studs or simple gold hoops– you’ll fall in love!


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