Black & White Chunky Knit

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We all know that I love a good cardigan! I love this Black and White cardigan because it is just enough pattern without taking over the whole look! I’ve said it before but I will say it again. I love a good cardigan & the comfortable/style it gives. Check out my whole post on Cardigans here

I hate when this happens because I know it is so frustrating (at least to me when I’m looking for something) but this is now sold out! But I have linked a couple similar ones that I love – maybe even a little more! They are also a decent price. The thing I notice about Cardigans is that I never get sick of them of feel that they are trendy! I love it!

On top of a great card! I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite booties. While, I love many brands I love these Seychelles booties so much! (No, this is not a sponsored post – although, everything I do share with you guys that is sponsored I do stand behind and use in my home). I am in love with the Accordion BootiesI have them in black, I just got the Python Leather, and just ordered the Nudes. Whoops, maybe I love them a little too much! I will link them under here. I love the way they fit along with how comfortable they are! They give you a little height but they don’t make your feet sore like you have been wearing high heels all day! LOVE!


I hope you guys stocked up this weekend and yesterday! I know I did and honestly feel a bit overwhelmed haha! I might need a break in shopping! WHAT?! Let me know if you guys have any questions and I’m excited to bring you another post tomorrow night. A little sneak peek into our Christmas Traditions! XO


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