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Hinge Embroidered Scoop Neck Top



I have been loving everything feminine lately which leads me to love this Hinge Embroidered Scoop Neck TopYou can also get a gmipse into my more feminine style in this post.  Maybe it’s the baby girl in me or the sun shine shining but anything floral, flowing, and feminine. I did want to pair it with a good pair of destroyed jeans to casual it up a little bit because that is more my style.

Speaking of destroyed jeans I’m going to do a post on some of my favorite as of lately this weekend and excited to share it with you guys! I know it can be difficult to find a good pair of destroyed denim but I have a couple that are my tired and true that also range in price from $18 – $250. Yea, I know that is a large range but trust me I love them all for different reasons. So stay tuned for that post in the meanwhile I have already linked a couple of my favorites below in the shop the denim.


I do love this Hinge Embroidered Scoop Neck Top for many reasons. I love the way it fits (even on my baby bump) and I love that I can wear it in the spring/summer because of how lightweight it is! I appreciate shirts that a versatile in this departments because even though it might be warmer out I prefer to wear something that has a flowy sleeve to it but doesn’t add the heat. All too often I walk into a store, movies, or restaurant and freeze to death so having a little something, something is my way. As you can see in the close up shot this detail on this blouse is beautiful! I wore it to church tucked into a skirt and loved it just as much. Hinge Embroidered Scoop Neck Top is great for so many occasions. I’m excited to wear it to the beach with a cute pair of shorts, at church, date night, and fun lunch with friends!

I paired the Hinge Embroidered Scoop Neck Top with black as an accent color. I think it would also look adorable with a camel brown color or my favorite Madewell ‘Mini Transport’ Crossbody Bag right now but I stuck with black to change it up a little bit. I do love this Kate Spade ‘Cedar Street Maise’ SatchelI actually take this purse with me often because it fits everything I need without me over stuffing my purse. I also love that I can just throw it around because it’s a satchel that way when I’m chasing Mason around I’m not having to worry about leaving my purse alone in the cart of falling off my shoulder. I’m pretty sure all you mommas out there know what I’m talking about.

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of the week! I hope you guys are having a great one!



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