Halloween Decorating Tips


1. Keep Colors Neutral

I always love to fit as many pumpkin decorations in my house as possible! Haha, I might go a little crazy but I keep it very tasteful at the same time. How? I pick neutral color decorations so it doesn’t look like Halloween town has taken over my whole house. I love to get all different colored pumpkins and create a centerpiece or get some fake leaves to place around candles or around the fireplace. Decorating doesn’t have to be tacky, especially with all the adorable decorations you can buy for a great price now!

2. Let The Kids Help

Does this sound like it will totally ruin all the plans you had for good decorations? Sounds crazy BUT this is time for your kids to spend time with you and have a little responsibility. Give them a few mini pumpkins and have them place them around the house. It will be a fun time to share together and they will be able to get in on the action a little bit.

3. Have A Plan

There are so many ways you can decorate and it can be pretty overwhelming, at least for me! Find a cute photo on Pinterest or something similar you want to replicate and make it happen. Don’t get caught up in buying extra little decorations that you might or might not use. This can cause frustration and ultimately make you want to just throw everything away. Decorating is supposed to be fun and a time to spend with your family! Pick a theme, pick a color scheme and make it happen.

4. Storage Is Bliss

Keep it simple, keep it fun and make sure you will be able to store everything once you have to take all the decorations down. I store all of my decorations in tubber ware containers. This makes cleanup a breeze. I just pack my storage bin with each different holiday, label it and then once I’m ready to take all the decorations down, I simply put them back in the containers and store them until next year! This helps me feel more organized and I know exactly what I have and what I need in order to decorate!

I hope these tips will help you out and make the holidays the best yet! Happy Halloween!

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