Holiday Advent Calendar

Holiday Advent Calendar

Start the Christmas holiday off right by celebrating the whole month of December! These are just a few ideas I came up with! Feel free to follow along and also put your own calendar together! This is such a special time to really think about what you’re grateful for and spread love to friends and family! You can save this calendar on your phone by holding down and clicking save image on your phone OR right click and press save image on your computer! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! XO

1. 25 day of Christmas on Freeform- Click HERE for the schedule! I look SO forward to the schedule coming out every year! They have every classic Christmas movie you can think or AND MORE!

2. Buy a cozy pair of socks for you and your family! There’s nothing better than new socks!

3. Decorate the Christmas tree- You better be listening to Christmas music the whole time! We love to let our babies help us out with decorating. Of course, we only give them the plastic/plush ornaments to put on the tree!

4. Go sledding or ice blocking- It will be COLD! Make sure to bundle up and get cocoa after!

5. Drive around and look at Christmas lights- This is one of our most favorite traditions! We love to go and grab some hot chocolate, a few sweet treats and enjoy all the pretty lights! Of course, we’re listening to the Michael Buble Christmas CD the whole time!

6. Bake a yummy Christmas treat- Baking make your house smell sooooo yummy! We love to make homemade cookies and decorate them!

Check out my blog post HERE where I talk about my yummy Chocolate chip cookies that are PERFECT for the holidays!

7. Plan out your holiday outfits! This is such a FUN time to dress up and put on your holiday best!

8. Sing your favorite Christmas song- Whether its Rudolph the red nose Reindeer, Noel, or Silent Night- belt it out!! Maybe even make a karaoke night out of it?!

9. Build a Frosty the Snowman- Bundle up and get outside either in your backyard or at a park and build the ultimate Frosty! I’ve these adorable Snowman making kits HERE!

10. Write a list of what you’re grateful for. There is so much to be grateful for this time of year. Take a moment, curl up with a cozy blanket and write down what comes to your mind! This is a great to relax & have some me time.

11. Read your kids favorite book as a family! These pajama sets that come with the matching book are so adorable and are basically two gifts in one! One of our favorite holiday books is the Elf on the Shelf!

12. Decorate Gingerbread houses. Is anyone else’s family super competitive when it comes to decorations Gingerbread houses, or is it just mine?! We take it really serious over here!

13. Go see a Christmas play with family. I love getting dressed up and heading off to see a play with the family! We’ve seen a few these past few years! Check your local theaters and see which ones are available this year. This is a great present for your whole family.

14. Buy a yummy Christmas candle! It doesn’t feel like the holidays if it doesn’t smell like them! I am huge candle collector and love having a candle burn in my home throughout the day. Especially if I’m having family or friends over that night.

15. Purchase an ugly Christmas sweater. If you don’t already have an ugly Christmas sweater.. YOU NEED ONE! Nothing says Merry Christmas like a sweater covered in tassels and Santa heads!

16. Donate your clothes/toys. My babies know that around the holidays we try to get rid of our gently used clothes and toys that we no longer need! I love being able to explain to Mason how we are giving away our old items so that they can be given to someone else! It also makes room for the new Christmas gifts that Santa will be bringing! Stop by your local Savers, Goodwill or any other Charity that is near you and drop off what you don’t need anymore!

17. Have friends over to play board games! Game nights are the BEST nights! Again, my family is super competitive, which makes game nights even more fun! Anything from Candy Land to Skippo, we love playing pretty much any board or card game!

18. Finish up last minute shopping! If you procrastinate like everyone dos, than you’re going need to get a little pep in your step and finish up your shopping! Take advantage of the two-day free shipping a lot of websites have during the holidays!

19. Wrap your presents. Make sure to do this when your babies go to bed or if some of them already know about the magic of Santa, than have them help you wrap their siblings gifts! This was such a fun thing that I did with my mom!

20. Stuff the stockings. Don’t forget about the stockings! They’re the icing on top of the perfect Christmas. I like to put little items in our stockings. Anything form gum, chapstick, gift cards, socks and other things!

21. Go iceskating with friendsBundle up and find the nearest ice skating rink! You don’t have to be a pro to have a good time!

22. Buy a Gingerbread hot Chocolate for you and a friend. This is one of the yummiest holiday drinks (in my opinion). Starbucks has a super good hot chocolate that I love! Buy a Starbucks gift card HERE! This is a greta gift to give!

23. Watch your favorite Christmas movie. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Mine has to be Christmas Vacation. It is such a classic! ” She falls down a well, her eyes go crossed, she gets kicked by a mule, her eyes go back to normal, I dunnnoooo!!” – Uncle Eddy

Click HERE for the Christmas movie schedule!

24. Get excited for Christmas TOMORROW. YAY!!! It’s almost here. We love to get in our Christmas pajamas and make dinner as a family. We usually let the babies open one gift before they get to bed for Santa to come and work his magic! DON’T FORGET to leave Santa some cookies!

25. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Merry Christmas to you!

26. Take a long nap! I am always exhausted after the holidays are over. SO you can guarantee all of us over here will be taking a long snooze and eating left over cookies!

27. Have a snowball fight. I hope we will have a white Christmas and we’ll be able to have a snowball fight outside! The babies LOVE the snow! Personally, I can barely handle the cold but they have the best time playing in the snow!

28. Eat all the Christmas leftovers. Ohhhh yeah! What’s better than holiday left overs?!

29. Buy a 2018 planner. Now is the time to find a planner that you’ll use for next year! I love being able to write down little notes throughout my day!

30. Create a list of goals for the new year. What goals do you want to accomplish next year?! I like to make a list and go over it with my husband. Some of my goals are big and some are small but they’re all equally important! I also talk with mason and see what his plans are for next year!

31. Dress up and partayyyy! Happy New Year! 2017 is coming to an end! This year has flown by and so many amazing things have happened. Whether you’re having friends over for a New Years party or going out on the town, don’t forget to add a little sparkle to your outfit!

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