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Mason Nordstrom #1 - 3

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I’m super excited for this post today but it is also a little bitter sweet! My little boy is growing way too fast & is going to be in preschool within a couple months! What?! Let me just take a quick second to ball you eyes out! As sad as it is having him grow up, I must say I have LOVED each and every stage! On top of that, this kid is SO ready for preschool! He loves playing with his friends and going places to play so he is in for a big treat! I still think I’m going to have my husband take him the first day because I won’t be able to leave the parking lot if I do!

With him on his way to preschool in a couple weeks I’ve been on the hunt for some good outfits! Nordstrom is always my #1 stop! I love the selection they have for kids and the quality is truly unbeatable! Find a couple key pieces for Mason and just switching them up with each other throughout the year is my plan. I love find great quality pieces that I know will last him awhile which is why I turn to Nordstrom. The cherry on top is shopping online! With a almost 3 year old & newborn going to the store isn’t easy so I’m a huge online shopper and there is nothing easier than shopping Nordstrom online, not to mention the return policy! If something doesn’t fit or work out simply send it back in, easy-peasy!

I have linked Mason’s down below! It’s important to me to dress him in age appropriate & comfy clothes! He is already starting to pick out his own outfits for the day which is adorable! I try to give him options so he still feels he is choosing! I’m all ears for any advice you guys have about your kids going to school. Life is going by so fast but I have to say we are loving every minute of it! XO



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