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Friends! I’m so excited to be back! Sorry about the hiatus, as you know we had our little girl Monroe and have been enjoying every single second with her. I will talk more about her later but I’m excited to share a glimpse into Mother’s Day with you! I’ve teamed up with Minted (who I love) and we came up with some perfect & thoughtful gifts for mommas out there! Before I talk about what we picked out I wanted to talk a little bit about the sweet mother’s in my life and what being a mother means to me.

Coming from a family of all girls we are very close to our mom sometimes we look at her more as a ‘sister’ but no she’s our mom! If one thing is true about our mother is would be that she gives us every single thing she has! Wether it be love, help, and something around her house – she is always giving! She has one of the most generous hearts! She is also a riot! She is always cracking jokes & laughing at herself (which is hilarious). She has always taught us to be strong, go after what we want, and to be independent. I love her for so many reasons but one of my favorite reasons is watching her be a Nana to my little babies! She loves Mason & Monroe so much and watching her take care of them and enjoy them makes my heart so happy! We love her & everything she stands for! She has been a wonderful example & one of my biggest fans!

I also have the sweetest mother-in-law (yes, I know I’m lucky). My husbands mom is so loving and encouraging! She is always saying something positive! It’s so amazing so see how much she loves her boy and how sweet she has been to me! I’m hoping I can be as nice to my future daughter-in-law, let’s hope but all you mommas of little boys know how protective we are!

Being a mom myself has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I was never the one to have a huge “Mother’s Nurturing Spirit” but I always knew I wanted babies of my own. But once you hold those little babies for the first time that “Mother’s Instinct” completely takes over. Being a mom has taught me so many things! To be more loving, accepting, gentle, patient, and tons more. I might be having the craziest day & my little 2 year old wild as can be but so many times in the middle of these moments I just look at him, think of how much I love him, and how this moment might be crazy & challenging but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Our kids bring so much joy to our lives! I saw this poem floating around awhile be and it was always one of my favorites that I want to share with you!

Here are 10 things your mom never told you.

1. You made her cry… a lot.

2. She wanted that last piece of pie.

3. It hurt.

4. She was always afraid. 

5. She knows she’s not perfect.

6. She watched you as you slept.

7. She carried you a lot longer than nine months.

8. It broke her heart every time you cried.

9. She put you first. 

10. She would do it all again. 

 With all that said I’m excited to share my Minted picks with you! I chose this adorable framed art work for my mom! She just moved into a new house and I know she will love it and find the perfect spot for it. She loves all things home decor and is a great interior decorator so it’s perfect! Minted has SO many art pieces to choose from – all with the most amazing framing options! I love that they will frame it for me because all too often I will find a great print but can’t find a good frame for it! They have tons and something for everyone! When I got this print in the mail I turned it on it’s side and realized it looked like an infinity sign which I instantly fell in love with! Family is everything to my mom and I know she will love the infinity sign! I also picked out this adorable stationary for my Mother-in-Law. It’s always fun to have something personal so personalized stationary was perfect!

Minted has tons of options for Mother’s this year ranging from the framed artwork, stationary, journals, linens, and personalized cards! It’s a great one stop shop for Mother’s Day shopping


Mother's Day  - 8 Mother's Day  - 4

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  1. May 2, 2016 / 1:09 pm

    Such a sweet thing to do for our amazing mothers or mother figures!

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