Must have sandals for summer 2019

Summer Is Coming

Guys, it’s almost here and I can seriously hardly wait for one more minute It’s the time where everything is going to smell like sunscreen and we’re all going to have a nice glow to our skin and get all the vitamin d from the sun! What are your favorite things to do during the summer? Do you have kids that you do activities with? Plan girls trips? Work? A few things we love to do during the summer are

1. Go to the pool at the gym

We will spend hours and hours here. My babies are little water bugs. It’s tons of fun!

2. Walk to the park with friends

This is one of our favorite things to do. We pack lunches and we will be outside for quite a while with friends. This is a great time for my babies to be able to spend time with friends and get their wiggles out.

3. Summer night date nights with my husband

We love going to the movies and out to sushi. Who doesn’t love a good date night, am I right?! We also love going to the movies with our babies too. They think it’s so cool to go with us, I know this won’t last forever haha

I hope you have tons of fun summer plans in the works, it’s always a fun time to try something new and get outside!

Summer Sandals

Ok, so I am a HUGE fan of sandals. They are super comfy and can make or break your outfit. I’ve found tons of really cute sandals for any women, and you’re going to totally fall in love with them. I’m talking strappy, flats, wedges, heeled sandals, colorful sandals and MORE! You’re in for a real treat. I love having a good variety of shoes for the summer. I want a cute wedge I can wear at night for date night and I also want a simple kitten heel or a flat for throughout the day with my kids.




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