Britt’s Style Guide: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019


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I did some searching and found so new pieces that I have not seen before today guys! I was shocked, shocked with excitement that was! I’m adding that to my list below! I rounded up some fun items and some new stocks! Word on the street is a lot is getting restocked this sale so grab it while you see it. Remember, only grab the pieces you really want and good basics are always a win! Happy Shopping!

Top / Jeans

Top / Runs a little big. Size down if you want.

Jeans / True to size. Have a little strech


Top / Runs true to size

I love this basic thermal! I love the neckline and how cute/effortless it is!


Shirt / Run True to Size

This basic is a MUST HAVE! I was sooo impressed with the softness of the top and the length! I grabbed it in grey too and now wanting every other color.

Sweater / Jeans

Sweater  / Cropped. Size up.

Jeans / Run true to size

I have this popcorn sweater in purple so when I saw this fall color I had to snatch it! I love the different texture and the hue!


Top  / Fits a little oversized


Trench  /  Runs true to small. I’m wearing a XS


Top  /  Runs a little big. Size down if you feel.

I love this top and how many ways you can wear it! So cozy and love the cream!


Both run true to size.

This are the softest things in the entire world! I love the grey because of the pockets. I also have it in cream and I’m sharing that one below. The green is so light + cozy!

Cardigan  /  Shirt

Cardigan  /  Runs true to size. I’m wearing an XS

Shirt  /  Runs true to size. So soft!



It’s HERE! I am sharing some of my favorite picks from the sale below and will have even more tomorrow! I’m so excited about this sale because I love a good deal. Don’t go overboard though just grab things you really want and are going to be useful to you! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about anything! I’m rounding up things that I feel will last you multiple seasons and great basics that you a pair together. Most of my items are under $100! I also grabbed a couple of things that were online but not instore so I will continue to update the post for a coupe week!

I’m linking photos of my try-on session for you guys and also have collages below of a bunch of my favorites! At the very bottom, there are some tips and tricks for shopping the sale but remember don’t go overboard. Also if you guys find something you love and grab take a picture and send it to me! I would love to see!

Cardigan // Jeans // Sweater

Cardigan: Runs True to Size / I’m wearing S/M

Jeans:   Run large – size down/ I’m wearing a 26

Sweater: Runs True to Size / I’m wearing a Medium

Guys this cardigan is going to sell out and it’s the best! I grabbed 2 of these one’s last year and wish I would have grabbed more! I  am so obsessed with these Jeans and wish they came in other colors. One of my favorite purchases from the sale is this Sweater! I just grabbed it in the pink too and I’m so excited to share it with you guys.

Jeans // Bodysuit // Cardigan

Jeans – Run Large / wearing  size 4

Bodysuit Run true to size / wearing S

 Cardigan Run true to size / wearing S

I love this combo and especially this Cardigan! It sold out so fast this past fall so I was excited when I    saw they brought it back! If you’re wanting it, grab it asap because it’s going to sell fast again!

Sweatshirt // Sweatpants

Sweatshirt Runs Small / Wearing M

Sweatpants Run true to size / Wearing S

I love this easy and cozy outfit from the sale! I have seen so many gals wearing it and it’s so cute on everyone. I also love the Sweatpants paired with a white tee!

Sweatshirt // Sweatpants // Tee Shirt // Cardigan

Sweatshirt True to size / Wearing M

Sweatpants True to size /Wearing S

 Tee Shirt  Runs large / Wearing S

 Cardigan True to size / Wearing S/M

I wanted to show how you can easily wear this sweatsuit different ways. So 4 different ways and all still to cozy chic.


Sweatshirt – Runs True to Size / Wearing Small

I love how fun this sweatshirt it! The quality is amazing and I love how cute it is to brighten up a day!

Bodysuits // Black Jeans // Boyfriend Jeans 

Bodysuits True to size / Wearing Small

 Black Jeans Run Small  / Wearing size 26

 Boyfriend Jeans Run Large / Wearing

These bodysuits are my fave! They are only $15.90 and I love the way they fit! must-have for a fall! I also love black jeans! The a super flattering and so good for tons of outfits.

Hat // Shirt // Jeans //Cardigan // Jacket

Hat – one size

Shirt – Runs Large / Wearing S

Jeans -Run True to size / Wearing 26

Cardigan – Run True to size / Wearing S

 Jacket – Runs small / Wearing size 2


Sweater  – Runs true to size / Wearing Medium

This is an all-time favorite from the sale! you will see me wearing it all the time!

Sweatshirt // Hat // Leggings

Sweatshirt – Runs Large / Wearing Small

Hat – One size

Leggings– Run True to size / Wearing XS


Shirts – Run big – wearing

Hat // Sweatshirt // Leggings

Hat  – One Size

 Sweatshirt  Runs Large / Wearing Small


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Best sale of the year on designer items


It’s HERE! I am sharing some of my favorite picks from the sale below and will have even more tomorrow! I’m so excited about this sale because I love a good deal. Don’t go overboard though just grab things you really want and are going to be useful to you! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about anything!

Beauty Picks
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale earl access beauty items

These are some of my favorite beauty items and they’re ALL on sale right now. I use the Philosophy face wash every single day. I love to double cleanse my face and this is a great first cleanser to use to get all of my makeup off. This large bottle will last you YEARS! I still have mine from years ago.

The Luxie makeup brushes are some of the best and they’re a great price! These brushes are super soft and make makeup application a breeze. I’ve talked about how obsessed I am with the Lancome mascara. This combo pack is unreal and you’ll want to get your hands on it before it sells out!


Women’s Tops

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Women's Tops

If you shopped the Nordstrom Sale last year than you know how fast the lace tank tops sold out. It was SO beyond crazy. But they’re totally worth it. They are perfect as an undershirt and they’re lightweight so the layers won’t frustrate you! Anything leopard I’m in love with and there’s always awesome leopard items for sale! This leopard t-shirt is beyond cute and I can see myself wearing it with some distressed jeans and a high bun.


Women’s Shoes

Now is a great time to get your hands on the best selling knee-high boots. They’re AMAZING!! I also love all the booties that are on sale. I always grab a pair or two and they last me years! How adorable are these white leather booties?! I’m in LOVE!!!


Women’s Bottoms

So many super cute jeans are on sale! Some of my favorites are the Levi’s! I grab one pair each year! They are some of the most comfortable jeans I own. You’ll love them. And they’re a great price during the sale. Also, these leopard joggers are the cutest, EVER!!


Womens Dresses/Skirts


Womens Accesories


Home Collection


When does the anniversary sale begin?

Sale dates! Early Access: July 12-19 | Public Sale: July 20- August 5

July 9 – Icon Pre-shop in stores I will be doing “dressing room diaries” so all of my followers will get exclusive access to this years sale items! make sure you’re following me on Instagram!

July 10-11 – Icon + Ambassadors Pre-Shop in stores.

July 12-18 –  “Early Access Sale” begins! If you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you’re able to grab sale items, first! Usually, the most popular items sell out the fastest!

July 19- – YOU GET A SALE, YOU GET A SALE, EVERYONE GETS A SALE! Anyone and I mean anyone will have access to the sale starting July 20!

August 4 – This is the LAST DAY OF THE SALE. And then we all wait another 365 days for the next one!

Details on the sale!

Get ready for one of the most amazing sales of the year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 is almost here and I can hardly wait. This sale is unlike any other because it is the newest season items! I’ve attached the Nordstrom catalog so you can take a good look into all the sale items! Here’s the thing with this sale… the popular items go FAST! And at the end of the sale, all items go back full price! This sale is first to come first serve, once it’s gone, it’s gone. All I can say is… save now or splurge later!! If you want early access into the sale, apply here!

This is very important when it comes to the sale. So much goes out of stock SO quickly and if you do not have a Nordstrom card chances are something you want is going to be sold out before it hits the public. So I would HIGHLY recommend getting a card, even if you just use it once a year for this sale – it is worth it. If you get a card this year it also comes with a $60 Nordstrom Note so, #winning!

What will be on sale?

There will be a little bit of everything in the sale including clothing, accessories, purses, shoes, baby accessories, beauty, menswear, workout gear, etc! My favorite picks good basics and splurge items! I love to stock up on my favorite Zella Leggings, Barefoot Dreams Blankets + Cardigans, Jeans, Booties, and makeup! I have an entire post of what I bought last year right here.

How to shop for the sale?

You’re able to shop the sale online as well as in stores! This makes it super easy and convenient to save! Shop early access by applying here! Keep checking back on my blog to see all my try on! Make sure to prepare yourself for the sale. what I mean by this is make a list of “wants” and “needs” and have a plan! I like to make a list of what I need and what my little and hubby need! This sale, I’m looking for some jeans, shoes (of course) and jackets for the winter. Now is the B E S T time to get jackets at an amazing price!


Nordstrom uses to restock a lot more than they do now. Often times things that sell out during early access do not end up getting restocked. So I would suggest grabbing something as soon as you know you want it. You can always return if it if you decide to pass on it. With that said sometimes towards the end of the sale, things start to pop up on restocks again because people have returned some items so you have to keep your eyes out. I will do daily restock alerts like this one so make sure your stay tuned.

Lastly, have a GAME PLAN. Know what you are looking for and things you want to get. Don’t go in wanting every item under the sun. I like to grab some favorite basics, boots, and fall items. Remember these are new items going on sale. They will be back in stock later in a month at full price. So you’re getting a head start on fall fashion and although it still might be 100 degrees outside fall will be here before you know it! So have a list of must-haves and don’t overdo it.

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