Britt’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I know you’ve probably seen in 100’s of times but yes, it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’m so excited about it simply because they have some good deals, great finds, and good quality. I’m also excited because they have a lot of “buy-now & wear-now” items which is amazing because as a consumer, a lot of times you want instant gratification and are able to wear it asap!

Now a couple things. The sale starts today but only for cardholders then opens up to the public July 21st! Let me give you a little run down about that. If you see something you want now but don’t have a card chances are it will be sold out by the 21st. I say this because it experienced it the hard way one too many times. Do you shop at Target? Yes, we all do. It’s the same thing as a target card and who doesn’t have that?! You can sign up here in a matter of minutes and make sure you can shop those boots your little heart has been eyeing! I love having a card because I’m constantly getting “Notes” which are gift cards in the mail! I’m just saying I highly suggest it and you will love it!

I have also picked a ton of my favorites out! I am loving a lot of the active wear, the beauty of course and everyday fashions! I’m not a huge shoe person (whoops) but I do love a couple pairs on sale. I will be sharing all of those with you guys throughout the weeks! I posted a bunch about the sale last year here and will continue to update my sale page as it goes on. They often don’t restock things but I have seen where they bring more things out throughout the weeks so don’t be too surprised if new things pop up!











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