Saturday Instagram Round Up


Hey ladies! I hope you’re loving these Saturday Instagram Round-Ups! I ordered this set for my hospital bag. I’ve worn it almost every single day. It is so comfy and cute. It comes in two different colors and goes on sale here and there. When the baby comes, I know I am going to want to wear super comfy and l9ose items since my body will be going back to normal!


It was one of those days where I needed to make a quick pit stop to Starbucks and grab a yummy drink! I love the passion fruit tea, it’s tangy and refreshing. I love pairing joggers with my favorite sneakers and dressing it down in the morning for when I drop the babies off at school. It’s a really easy outfit that still looks really cute.


You know I can’t pass up a good pair of jeans and a soft top. I have loved these jeans for a long time and ordered a bigger pair for myself since I’m waiting on baby boy to get here. These booties are also some of my favorite. I wear them quite often. They’re a great versatile shoe.


I had an all-white moment in baby boys nursery a few days ago. It was so fun being in there and picturing him in his bed. I’m slowly putting together the nursery. I am going to keep it really simple. I am using a lot of Mason’s old baby items. I kept a ton and I’m so happy I did because I still love the style I decorated with.


These distressed jeans are so comfy and have tons of wiggle room for my bump. I’ve loved wearing flowy tops with jeans, this white was is especially my favorite! They came out with a style last year and it sold out right away. This one comes in and out of stock often.

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    Round up posts are always my favorite!


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