Staying Healthy



Throughout all the craziness we can try to stay out healthiest. Knowing that I  can control what is inside my home and what we putting both on our bodies + inside has helped me so much.

I ‘m linking below a much of the things we use and explaining while we love them so much.

Diffuser: I  LOVE these. At the beginning of the year I  did away with candles entirely and I ‘m SO happy I  did. My house feel so much lighter, cleaner, and bright. I  love diffusers for 2 reasons. 1.) They make your house smell amazing. 2.) You can diffuse so many different types of oils all which have health benefits. There are some to calm down, some for your immune system, some to help sleeping, some to help with hormones. If you’re interested in know more about oils I  have an entire post about it here.

Roller Balls: These are amazing for making oil blends to rub on your skin. We usually put ours on the bottom of our feet and spine of our backs. My favorite oil to put on the kids is Thieves. It boost immunities and is over all greatness. I ‘m talking more about it here. I  have been using them on the kids since Mason was 6 months.

Thieves Hand Soap: This stuff is AMAZING! The power it has on germ is like magic. We have a rule in our house to sing, “Happy Birthday” x 2 every time you wash your hands.

Thieves Fruit + Veggie Soak: This is amazing! It gets all the crap off the fruit’s and veggies so you can have peace of mind that no chemicals, dirt, and who knows what else is on your food.

Oils: We use these all day and every day around the clock! I ‘m talking way more about these here and how we use them.

Thieves Cleaner: This cleaner is HANDS DOWN THE BEST. The cleaning power it has is unreal and it’s nontoxic and plant-based. You can use this for SO many things. It kills germs like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Super B: I  love these for a good steady energy throughout the day. I  feel like I  need that especially right now.  You can get your hands on them here.

Getting rest is always a top priority on my list when times like these come along. I  love to cuddle up in my bed at least my 8:30 even if it’s just to get in bed and watch a movie. Something about being in your bed and resting does magic for the soul.

I  love making a Cold Buster Tea when I  have a sore throat. It gives the perfect coat to my throat and feel so soothing. I’m sharing how to make this on my stories today.

Wellness Formula Vitamins. I  have been taking these since High School. They are AMAZING! They help all around and are all herbal! Not only do they give a good boost in my immunities but they really help with hair growth, nails, and skin.

Elderberry Syrup: We absolutely love this stuff! It’s so great to have in your system and I  love this one when I ‘m in a pinch. I  also have my own recipe I  make that I  will share with you guys soon! This boosts your immunities and even our doctors say this is what they take to keep immunities high.

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