Summer florals

Summer Florals

First off, I am in L O V E with this look. Floral print during the summer is so gorgeous and feminine. I don’t know about you but I always lean towards more color and brighter looking clothing during the warmer months! I’ve linked several different flare bottom pants as well as bell sleeved tops and other flowy tops that would go great with pants like these! I have really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started wearing more color, which by the way was the best decision… ever! I hope you enjoy these outfit details. My obsession with these wide leg pants is a real thing. They can be paired with almost any top. I was thinking that maybe a loose top with the pants would look too baggy but I LOVED how it turned out.

Our summer is already off to an amazing start. And there is so much more to go! I’m wanting to make a summer bucket list for me and the babies to do, so if anyone has any suggestions, send them my way. I love to do fun things with the babies that the whole family can do. Lately, we loved rollerblading around a park. Mason is obsessed with his bike and is SO good at it! There’s nothing better as a mom than seeing your kids so happy and proud of themselves!

I’m also linking a blog post form a few days ago about one of my favorite summer treats. Have you ever tried fruit water? Ot is so delicious and refreshing. You’ll totally want to make this at your next family gathering. Blog post HERE

Stay tuned for more amazing summer looks and bucket list ideas for the summer! xoxo, B




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