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I’m so excited for this post to finally come about. It is probably one of the top things I am asked about so here goes all! I’m going to be sharing my journey with my smile, tips and tricks, and things that have worked for me. Starting off I have always been obsessed with really white teeth. I remember bleaching my teeth in high school with crest white stripes!  Looking back now that seems so young! I never had braces growing up (but also wish I would have). I wanted straight teeth and mine were right on the edge of need braces but my parents chose against it. I had minor chipping in my teeth starting in middle school but nothing upfront or obvious. Moving forward a couple years I still loved having super white teeth and would bleach them about once or twice a month. I always got asked how I got my teeth so white, well that was how. On top of that I always used whitening toothpaste so that helped. After I had Mason my teeth felt SO brittle. I was so worried I had bleached them too much and caused stress on them. Although, every single dentist I spoke to said that wasn’t the case. Chipping can be genetic and after having a baby your teeth can be more brittle who knew. The chipping bothered me the most. After I had Monroe it started to get worse and I was a little self conscious about it because it was on my front teeth now. I vividly remember a year ago we were headed to my in-laws from Christmas and right before we left our house to catch our flight I chipped my front right tooth SO bad! I called my mother-in-law crying and she instantly called her dentist in LA to get me in right away to have it filed! I was so annoyed at this point and didn’t know what to do. That’s when I started to look into veneers. 1. I wanted my teeth a little straighter 2. I was so self conscious of all the chips at this point I wanted them to go away!

That’s when I was introduced to Dr. Allan Thomas. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Allan Thomas and his amazing staff! He is the first accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the state of Utah and has over 30 years’ experience in making people smile! Not to mention is an amazingly talented cosmetic dentist and great at listening and executing excatly what you want for your smile! When I went in to visit Dr. Thomas I expressed to him my concerns that I talked about above and we both decided that 6 veneers on the top would be my best option.

I was SO nervous! All the questions and concerns ran through my head. Would my teeth my shaved down to nubs? Would I still look like myself? Would it look too fake? Am I going to regret this? You name it, I worried about it. Dr. Thomas was SO patient with me and we talked through all my fears. The night before I went in to get my teeth done I barely slept. This is on my face and this is forever – I was excitedly scared (if that’s possible). So that day I went in early and we started the process. We first cleaned my teeth, and then they started filing the 6 ones down. It took about an hour and then the temporaries were made and applied. The minute I looked at them I was OBSESSED! They looked SO natural, the made my smile brighter, they were straight, and I felt that this was the smile I had been longing for. To make it better I remember Dr. Thomas saying if you like these temporaries you are going to love the permanent ones, I was so thrilled. I wore my temps for about 1 month before I went it for my permanents. Once I got my permanents I was over the moon and now I feel like my teeth have always been like this and love how much better my smile looks but also really natural!

I got TONS of questions throughout the process so I’m going to compile a list of the ones you guys asked most about. Please feel free to email me or message me if I missed anything you guys wanted to know. I am also linking Dr. Allan Thomas’s information for you guys so you can easily get ahold of him!


  1. Do they shave your teeth down to “nubs”? So, yes they shave your teeth that will be under your veneers down but not to nubs. I saw mine before they put the temporaries on but it was nothing crazy! Just a little to make sure the veneers fit in your mouth naturally.
  2. Can you get cavities under your veneers? No, they throughly check you teeth before they apply the veeners and once they are bonded on your teeth nothing can get through to cause cavities.
  3. What color/shade did I choose? I got the whitest white I could. Like i said above I love white teeth and wanted to make sure we could do them as white as possible.
  4. Does the shade ever get stained or can you bleach them? No, the shade never stains and no you cannot bleach them. So make sure you pick a shade you want forever.
  5. How much do they cost? It depends but they range anywhere from $1,500-$3,000 per tooth.
  6. How long can you have them? They are forever! Life long.
  7. Can you just do a few teeth? Yes, I only did 6. You can even just do 1 if it’s chipped or something.
  8. Do you have any food restrictions? No! I eat everything. Including apples and biting into them like normal.
  9. Does it feel weird eat? No! It feel completely normal. The only time it felt a little different was with the temporaries.
  10. Did it hurt? No, they numb you. If anything you are a little uncomfortable from the numbing but nothing more.

I’m also linking my favorite products I use to maintain my smile!





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